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A Flat Toe Turned Back To Normal !

Guest Vince

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The last week of September after a good running session in the backyard, Bentley came back to me limping :( After inspecting all four legs I discovered that one of his toe was off to the side. I took him to the vet, she told me the toe was not broken. But something was definitely not normal. After some research on the web and talking with the lady from my adoption group, the verdict was : A flat toe (also called a dropped toe). :( I was told there was not much we could do about it.... We kept the toe tapped for about 6 weeks and saw very little improvement. It was not a big deal, whenever he was putting weight on it the knuckle came flat, he was not in any pain and we just had to tape it before sending Bentley out to run in the backyard.


But lately while putting on the boots, I discovered that the toe was almost back to normal :thumbs-up


This is the toe in october, note the toe on the extreme right on the picture, is pointing to the exterior.




The knuckle falls flat when he puts weight on it.





This is the same toe last week.


It's almost all straighten up




The knuckle is back to it's normal position




I'm very happy that it's back to normal !!

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Guest RocketDog

Congrats on the improvement! Our girl has a broken toe that looks 'dropped' because of the way it healed, and while it looks a little funky it hasn't bothered her at all.

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