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This is my first time with a very shy grey. I'm not exactly sure how to handle her. Let me tell you about her first few hours here today.

I almost couldn't get her back in after a potty break. It took calling her name and hiding behind the door the first time. She is better about that after only a few hours. I don't have to hide behind the door now. :lol


My female cat ( the bitch that she can be ) chased her out of the bedroom. Now Lightning will not come into the room. She will peek in and maybe take a few steps in, but that's it. It is Mensa's fault that Lightning got smacked. He was barking at me in the bedroom earlier. Little Miss Bitchy Cat does not like loud noises or commotion in her "territory". I don't think that she discriminates between which big dog gets her punishment. As long as she smacks something.


Lightning got so nervous when DH was trying to be nice to her that she puked up her dinner. I don't think she is sick. She has no other symptoms. I think she was so nervous when DH was trying to give her a treat she puked. ( my aunt did the same thing, she would puke when really nervous or upset )


So........anything I should do/not do? So far I am just trying to give her space. Right now she is in her crate in the other room keeping an eye on things. My kids are being really good about leaving her alone. Although I think my youngest had his feelings hurt when he couldn't get Lightning to come near her. :rolleyes:

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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

My little girl Olive was terrified of men when we first got her. What I did (husband) was to hand-feed her for the first 2 months that she lived with us. At first I had to hold a handfull of food behind my back while sitting on the ground for her to eat it. After a few weeks she graduated to my hand at my side, a few weeks later she would take it from my hands when they were in my lap. I believe that by winning the trust of a shy dog by hand feeding, you will accomplish a lot in all aspects of the fear. Just one thing to try. Also, I would have people give her space, it will take time for her to approach others, make sure that is how things work for a while until she becomes comfortable with people approaching her. You can also make sure that people dont stand when she is near, have the people get down on their knees at a lower level with her, as well as not making eye contact. These things will help to calm her as well. Standing upright and looking at a shy dog will usually bother them. It will take time, depending on how shy she is it could take years for her to come out of her shell, but I think the hand feeding will help a lot very quickly. Good luck.



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Leaving her be is a good first step. She knows she can be alone and safe in her crate and keep an eye on all you new people.

And you've figured out you need to hide to get her to come back in, that's "normal".


Just very small steps, allowing her the time (could be months) to ease into this new world.


Sitting on the floor in the same room as her crate just reading or watching TV, but with a couple treats for when she eventually comes out (and for when she will take a treat from you, or you may need to place it on the floor for her to pick up). But just providing a safe place and a calm environment will help her lots.


Thanks for taking care of her.

Amy and Tim in Beverly, MA, with Chase and Always missing Kingsley (Drama King) and Ruby (KB's Bee Bopper).

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She has made some small steps in just the 24 hours that she has been here. She is now back in the bedroom, although she hasn't really relaxed (still standing). I don't really have to hide now to let her in, I just can't look at her. She came up to me earlier for about 1/2 a second for a quick sniff. So, baby steps. I hope her shyness doesn't hinder her chances for adoption. She is really a sweet girl and she has the best stand-up ears. :)

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Hang in there..the best advice I can give you is patience...Let her come to you on her terms, don't try to force acceptence. I have had a ultra-spook for 3 months now. I didn't see her the first 3 days I brought her home. Even now, if we are both standing I can't get near her. When I give her a treat, I have to toss it on the ground about 4 feet away from me.


I know it can be frustrating at times. But your little spook will come around. :colgate

Isis, Always in my Heart Bijou, My Sweetest Angel

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I have a shy boy also. He took 2 months warm up to me even though I was the one feeding him etc.

I basically left him alone and let him come to me being coached with treatsand others. He did come come around and now he's my shadow. He was not warming up to DH at all (took 5 months) till DH starting running him. Now when he sees DH with his running gear on he goes nuts. This is how the 2 guys bonded. However, my pup is still afraid of people who come to the house--at least now he doesn't run out of the room to hide he just lays on his bed and observes "us strange humans". Lots of love, patience and time. Good luck!

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