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Dentalls At Osu?

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My girl will be due soon for a dental. I live just 2 hrs from OSU and the Greyhound Wellness Clinic. Does anyone here on Greytalk know if you can have a dental done at OSU?

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Sure can but, it most likely won't go through the wellness program. Give them a call and ask for their protocol :colgate


Oh BTW I wish I lived that close to OSU-I just got back and it's an 8 hour drive for me!

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I have been busy lately so I just read this. Yes, OSU does dentals and even has special dental clinics arranged and staffed by the Greyhound Health and Wellness Team. They do a weeklong clinic a few times a year. The price is discounted. The veterinary students do the dentals under the supervision of veterinarians in the greyhound health and wellness program. I don't remember when the last one was so perhaps that means that there is one coming up soon. I really have no idea. Just send an email to the greyhound health and wellness team with the subject "When is the next dental clinic". It might take a while for them to get back to you as this will be much lower priority than cancer consults, etc. If you haven't heard from them in a week or so, please let me know and I will try to find out for you.


There is another option however. Team Greyhound of Ohio (Columbus area only) uses a Vet called Rascal Unit for their general vet care. This is a mobile vet clinic (actually they have two mobile units) that primarily does spays, neuters and preventative care (like dentals). The three vets who run the clinic all graduated from OSU. One of the vets, Dr. Evans has her own adopted greyhound and learned a lot from Dr. Couto.


Dentals done at Rascal Unit are less expensive than even OSU's discounted price. It costs $40 for the pre-anesthesia bloodwork and $65 for a basic dental (no extractions or other major issues). So the total cost (anesthesia, dental, bloodwork) for a dog with tartar buildup but otherwise healthy teeth is $105. I have had my Team Greyhound foster dog and my own greyhound in to have their teeth cleaned.


If my greyhound was a senior or had medical problems, I might have it done at OSU so if anything went wrong the greyhound experts would be right there. My Joe is a healthy 6 year old so I felt totally comfortable taking him to Dr. Evans. Since they do so many surgeries they are very familiar with anesthesia. However, I don't think they are set up to follow the protocol the GHWP at OSU uses for greyhounds undergoing major surgery. But since a dental is not major surgery, I don't think even OSU would follow the protocol (for example, giving Amicar to prevent bleeding) for a simple cleaning.


I hope this information helps you.


OSU GHWP contact info:




Rascal Unit

(614) 791-7729


Rascal Unit can be difficult to contact and there is often a long wait to get a dental (4 to 6 weeks). They are also great for the yearly exam. My seniors get full bloodwork, urinalysis, exam and vaccinations for about $120. Just the exam and vaccinations costs $35. They do not have overnight care and are so busy that I keep my regular vet also.



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