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Human Introduction

Guest Adrianne

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Guest Adrianne

I thought it would be cool to start a human introduction thread. When I joined GT in November, I introduced Wilbur and showed off several photos of him but none of myself. I would love to put faces to the names I see over and over again. So, with that in mind, I'll start.


My name is Adrianne, and I'm a photographer specializing in weddings, Seniors, and families. I work out of my home and travel out of state on occasion for weddings. I've been married to my husband, Jamie, for sixteen years, and we have two wonderful sons, Joey and Seth. Joey is a Junior in college studying mass communications, and Seth is a sophomore in high school with aspirations to attend the Air Force Academy after graduation. We live just outside Atlanta, GA in a town called Covington.


Our family is rounded out with our greyhound, Wilbur; our short-haired dachshund, Ollie; and our Norweigan Forest cat, Riley.



Me and my sweet hubby...



My sons...




Jump in with your own introduction please.

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Guest Gingergrey


My name is Vicky and I've been on greytalk for a year now and love it! I have two greyhounds named Max & MollyMae that i have had for a year now. I currently just started fostering one week ago. I have two daughters ages 12 & 8. My husband has become a greyhound lover too.

I have no pictures to post at this time, and am wondering why no one has responded to your very nice post? Welcome! :)

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