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Yeast Infections


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We've been working on trying to control or get rid of yeast infections in one of grey's. Have tried Panofite and Triz Ultra Plus Keto ear drops but it's not working. The vet says try to flush the ear's and if that doesn't work try allergy tests. Has anyone gone thought this and what were the results, and what did you do to get it under control or get rid of it.



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If it's definitely yeast, I think a mix of 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar in the ears helps - but wait for someone else here to confirm that before trying it.


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Guest Energy11

We haven't had any ear problems, infections, yeast, or otherwise :-) I only know from working at the vets, there are several different meds for yeast infections and several for bacterial. SOME ear infections can be prompted by food allergies. Good Luck! I'd keep working on it, until you find the best treatment.



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Guest EmilyandSioux

I use a human yeast infection cream on my guy. I just grab the one that is on sale. Put it in the ear and then rub the canal they like that the best. If it is a food allergy corn would be the likely culprit. It seems that is the most common food allergy I have seen in greys and I have been a tech for years.

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Guest mickie37

My german shepherd had this problem. It was a food allergy and when we switched to a raw diet her ears cleared up. My large animal vet had advised me to do this rather than go through a lot of testing and switching of diets. He said if it works you are ahead of the game, if it doesn't work then you can do an elimination diet.

good Luck

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Guest Swifthounds

Yeast is always present in the environment and on the skin. If you hound is having recurrent yeast problems with ears, either something is triggering an overgrowth of yeast and/or the body is not controlling it's growth. A suppressed immune system (due to recent illness, vaccination, stress, etc.) can let yeast out of control, as can antibiotic use.


A few things to try:


1) eliminate as much grain from the diet as possible


2) give a probiotic orally


3)clean the ears with a vinegar/water solution and/or wipe ears with a cotton swap with a bit of olive oil


4) anything that boosts the immune system will help battle the yeast (good raw diets, vit c supplement, etc.)


FMM, I wouldn't waste time or money trying to "test" for a canine food allergy. They tend to be very innaccurate and expensive. I've seen too many dogs have multiple expensive allergy tests done, only to have the test results conflict. Skin allergy tests are a bit more reliable.


If you suspect a food allergy might be causing irritation, try an elimination diet.

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I ordered some Zymox on line and used it in Gee's ears for yeast and it cleared her ears right up, I was amazed. It was recommended by several vets online so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm going to keep it on hand from now on.


I also switched Gee to a grain free kibble.

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