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Frontline Plus In Winter Question

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I usually don't give Lexie frontline plus in the winter but she is going to be boarded for a week and will be playing with other dogs. She of course is on her heartworm ,but should i give the frontline? Can she get ticks or fleas in the winter?


I forgot how to put a pic in my signature. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks

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We only front line in the summer too, but I would ask the kennel you are boarding her at if they are known to have ticks/fleas.


If you are nervous about it, I'd do it since it is no big deal.



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Guest mcsheltie

Anytime I go anywhere there are other dogs I put flea stuff on. I would for sure do it if I boarded them.


I have had people coming to look at kittens bring fleas into the house... in the winter! I was so :angryfire

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Guest hlpnhounds

Our hospital requires that all pets have frontline placed in addition to having a bordatella booster within 2 weeks prior to boarding. Of course, the Frontline is on the honor system as clients apply that themselves but if the staff sees fleas on the pet, it will be given Capstar and Frontline to prevent the spread of fleas to other boarders.


It's all in the fine print :read

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