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Unsure In The Hindquarters

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I'm not sure how the describe this but my new girl ( 3-yr-old) is a little clumsy about her hindquarters. That is, she skids a bit and sometimes splays out on her rear. He back legs tremble quite a bit when this happens. She's pretty lean and not as muscular as Zola.


Is there anything I can do to help her get more sure or stronger on her feet?



Missing Zola, my hero and my heart; and Brin, my baby dog, my wisp of love.

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maybe its a slick floor thing. finn's always been a little shakey in the rear... moreso now that she's 8. but even at 3 she would vibrate as she stood up. :dunno

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Our 5 yr old girl Rainy shakes when she squats to potty, sits, stands in the car, used to do it when she stood on the bed, etc. I think she's a bit of a clutz (like me) and gets nervous about standing on the bed, couch, stairs, etc she worried she's going to fall. She panics on the stairs if we stop since she can't remember where her feet are. :) I think she shakes when she squats since it's not comfy for her to sit so it takes lotsa muscles that don't get used. I just figured it part of her quirky lil self.




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What a greyt name for a band--Shakey in the Rear!



:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol Thanks, I needed that!


Anyway, back to the question...


My older gals did / do that but Chloe who I have had since she is 2 is pretty stable with her rear quarters. She is 5.5 now.



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