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Omg Do Miracle Really Happen?

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I just got off the phone with Dr. Couto. Am I letting myself in for another big fall? Am I getting my hopes up too high again only to have them crash down on me?


He said that in greyhounds hemangiosarcoma is only 10% of the cases. Yes, it can be another cancer like spindlecell, or any number of other ones.

But, it could also be a hematoma. Her lab results are pointing to a non-cancerous growth.

She would still need a splenectomy but her lifespan would be just as long afterwards because it wasn't cancer.


If it is cancer, then my heart is still broken, but if not, I have a frigin MIRACLE!


I'm waiting to hear back from Red Bank to do the FNA. If it comes back negative or inconclusive, I'm heading back to OSU.


Please.....let this be a miracle!

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Praying for a much deserved miracle.





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Why not a miracle?goodluck.gif



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Praying for Pearl - all paws crossed here that the news is good.

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