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Devastating News - Apollo Has Osteo

Guest dwolfe711

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Guest dwolfe711

Our sweet old boy Apollo was diagnosed with osteo yesterday - we are devastated - at 13.5 we knew he wouldn't be with us forever, but we had hoped for another year or two. This has been quite a different process than our osteo babies in the past who all had it in their leg or shoulder - when they starting limping it was very obvious to us. But Apollo is different - about three months ago he had a little confrontation with one of our metal stand food dishes. In attempting to make sure there was not a smidge left in Ripley's breakfast dish, Apollo caught his tags in the holder and then panicked when he couldn't move, flinging the dish and holder into the air and getting hit by the dish above his left eye. No cut or noticeable bruise at the time but by lunch it was starting to swell. We called the vet and took him in the next day and his eye was by then quite swollen and red. She did a thorough check of the bone above the eye where he got hit and checked the eye for scratches or damage and saw nothing. We gave him Derramax for a few days and a round of antibiotics in case of infection. Within two weeks he was back to normal.


But a few weeks later the redness and swelling returned and so she looked at it again - thinking he might have an absess from the bowl incident, she put him on another round of antibiotics. Things were good for a few weeks until a week before Christmas when the corner of his eye got red and it was seeping and the bump looked a bit bigger on that bone. We called the vet and got more antibiotics which we gave him for three weeks with no improvement and he started to cringe away when we tried to pet him or check his eye. We called the vet and told her we were ready to do an x-ray and find out what was going on. He was in all day yesterday and they had to put him under to get good pictures. The bone was definitely osteo-looking and they managed to aspirate and get a fluid sample which confirmed their suspected osteo diagnosis. He woke up fine and was soooooo happy to be home last night and get a little dinner - he was still giving us the stink eye (no pun intended!) for not giving him breakfast yesterday!!


So - he had a bit of a restless night - but was tired and sleeping soundly when I left this morning. At lunch he got up and went out with Ripley and Ellie and watched them play. He was resting when I left to come back to work. I think his body is adjusting to the meds - he's on 1/2 deramaxx and 3-4 Tramadol per day. We are going to manage pain only - there's really nothing else we would do for him at 13.5.


Unfortunately, we are leaving from Sat - Tues for a planned trip to New Orleans. We have for our house/petsitter one of the vet techs from our vet's office. She is very capable of handling anything that happens while we're gone - but we hate leaving him. He'll be okay until we get back and then we'll have to watch him and make a decision based on how he is feeling. I called his first Mom last night to let her know - it was hard for her to hear the news too. But she knows we will do what is best for him.


He's been with us all too short a time - 2 years, 2 months - he was a return to GPA-MD from a family that had moved from MD to MA. We went to MA to pick him up under sad circumstances as we went to MA for DH cousin's funeral. But Apollo was perfect from the time we picked him up, came home with us as a foster and, of course, never left as we adopted him soon after. His mouth was a mess and he lost all but five teeth the week after we brought him home but he loves to eat and has thrived on his raw diet. He is such a sweet, happy boy - we will not allow him to suffer with this - but it will be hard to see him go -


Hug your pups today and say a little prayer for our Apollo.





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Guest Smiley

Oh Donna, I'm so so sorry. It seems we had the exact same day yesterday. Smiley too was diagnosed with osteo. Please know I am right here with you and sending you so many hugs. :grouphug:grouphug:grouphug

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Donna - I am so very sorry to read this. We will be thinking of you. Cindy - GPA-MD.


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I'm so sorry. sad.gif I wish for many pain free and treat filled days for your Apollo.



Jack, in my heart forever March 1999-Nov 21, 2008 My Dancing Queen Jilly with me always and forever Aug 12, 2003-Oct 15, 2010

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I'm so sorry to hear your news. Will be keeping you and your sweet, handsome boy in my thoughts.

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