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Happy Ears

Guest Lovey_Hounds

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Guest Lovey_Hounds

I have heard of happy tail and know what i am doing with that be we have a case of happy ears.... yes i said happy ears.

Chili still has not grown into those floppy ears of hers and when she shakes her head she splits the tips of her ears open. I have considered bandaging them to her head but she will freak out and bang and drag her head off of anything she can to get the bandage off what can i do? they are getting pretty chewed up looking and are scarring.

remember she is 15 months old and isn't too tolerant about wearing stuff.

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Guest scfilby

Try closing the wounds with liquid stitch or liquid bandage. Clean well first and use triple antibiotic ointment, then apply a layer of the liquid stitch. Not sure how you will be able to stop it from happening again in the future though..



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Are there any large hematomas? Gracie had hers lanced but it refilled. Then it had to be slit open, cleaned, stitched shut and go through a very long process of only removing a stitch or two per vet visit.

During this the affected ear was taped over her head and wrapped. We were lucky in that she didn't fuss with it much.


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Guest Lovey_Hounds

Have you had her ears checked to see why she is shaking her head? :eek

She doesnt have any issues with her ears (infections and such) when she goes out into the yard and burrows in the snow she comes up and shakes really hard, also the cat is what started the holes she was bugging him and he scratched her.

Im going to go and try the liquid bandage and see where that takes me, the holes are not too big yet so hopefully that will work. I am also going to put fabric band-aids over the liquid band aid and maybe that will be enough padding.


This is how it started...


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You can cut a sleeve from an old oversized sweatshirt and see if she will tolerate wearing the sleeve over her head (like a snood). The ears won't be held tightly inside that and can still shift a little, but won't be flung around they way they are now when she shakes her head.


She'll try to mess with the sleeve at first, but you can distract her, pet her, see if you can get her to forget the sleeve is there because she's paying attention to something else.


And if the sleeve works, cut out the second sleeve to have a dry one you can put on when she comes in from outside. It's so cold now that she might appreciate the warmth of the sleeve.

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