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Acupuncture Day After Dental

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I have Shadow scheduled for a dental on 1/19. He doesn't have any tooth issues beside the norm, but he's getting to be an old man (will be 12 in March).


I also have him scheduled for acupuncture on Wednesday, 1/20. I think the acupuncture will be helpful for any stiffness from the dental, but I'm wondering if he might be too loopy or just not feeling well. I can only do acupuncture on Wednesdays, so if it's not 1/20 I won't be able to get him in for another week.


My regular vet is different from my acupuncture vet, so I really can't ask one or the other about what they think.


Any thoughts?



Jenn, missing Shadow (Wickford Big Tom), Pretty Girl (C's Pretty) and Tori (Santoria)

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