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Eye Infection?

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Roscoe used to get the regular black eye-boogies, but in the past month, his left eye started getting teary and he was getting those dark tear marks. I noticed his fur thinning out in that spot. Well I just came home from 10 days away, and his eye has gotten worse. He almost has no fur left in that spot and the boogies are all goo-ey. It almost looks like that corner is a bit red or raw. Is this an infection starting?





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Guest mcsheltie

I would say an irritation that is starting to get infected. Some triple antibiotic ointment or Terramycin a couple times a day for five days should take care of it. If you think his eye could have been scratched a vet should look at it. The treatment would be different.

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Guest longdogs

It has hung around for a while so I'd want a vet to take a look. Angel had a persistent weepy eye that suddenly started to go very cloudy. Fortunately it was treated successfully because it really looked like she might lose her sight in it.

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Guest sirsmom

Our dog had this problem last year (a non-grey)-- i thought it was an allergy from her food but it was an infection and I had to use an antibiotic ointment Either the puppy scratched her eye while playing or our house was too dry but it went away quickly.

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Petra had unusual and frequent eye goobers too so we took her in. The vet was glad we did but it was just an eye infection and we also got the antibiotic gel to put on her eyes (you load it on the eyelid/eye interface and then manually blink her eye so it gets absorbed in). If it had been an actual scratch or something worse, it would have been considered serious.

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Guest BiancasMom

One day i noticed my non-grey (Australian Shepherd) had increased tears and his fur in front of his eyes was constantly wet. He also went from "morning boogies" to having tear stains and wetness constantly. I took him to the vet and he had Uveitis. He needed medication and we were able to save most of his sight. He did not have any cloudiness or any other signs I could see. They diagnosed this by checking his eye pressure. (you can't tell by looking) His treatment was steroid eye drops.

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Guest Energy11

Oh dear. I should take him to the vet. Ugh... no money. *stress*


Anything with the eyes, I would definitely see the vet. Shouldn't be too much. Good Luck!

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