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Periodic Fevers

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Has anyone ever heard of this?


Pearl has been spiking a fever like clockwork every two weeks. It's reached as high as 104 (yesterday). A round of Novox breaks the fever. She's had bloodwork done including TBD and it was all good. I emailed Dr. Couto and he is also stumped and can't even begin to guess unless I bring her in (another 10 hr trip). The oddest thing about this is that it coincides with her sister's chemo.

Pearl's not a poop eater, the worst that she would do is sniff Diamond's pee. Would that cause a fever?!

I faxed her bloodwork to Dr. Couto today.

She also has diarrhea now too. But that won't explain her fever 4 weeks ago or 2 weeks ago.


Anyone hear of such a thing?


thanks Mary Pat and the 4 pack.

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Does it always coincide with her sister's chemo? Any chance she is just getting herself worked up a bit on those days?

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Hard to tell. I don't see anything going on. Diamond is handling her chemo really well. And Pearl is not particularly close to Diamond.

But I have mentioned this to the vets. So far no one can really see a connection except for pure coincidence.

I have a feeling I'll be making a road trip to OSU soon. Good thing it's the beginning of the year, I have vacation time.

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Guest eaglflyt

An autoimmune type of condition would be my first guess if TBD's have been eliminated. I hope it's something simple and treatable if it continues.

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TBD's and Valley Fever are always my first thought when it comes to fevers and I know that there are TBD's that the normal tests do not test for.


Lenny will run a low grade fever every time he goes to the vet but it's because he's afraid and gets himself all worked up.


I hope you get to the bottom of it easily and it's an easy fix

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Where I live I always look for Lymes, but since tested for TBD, what a mystery, something sounds funny, since it happens same time of :unsure her sisters Chemo treatment!

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Luckily I do not have poop eaters. So that's not the problem.


Diamond is taking Doxirubican (?) from OSU. (It's Doxyrubi-something)


I'm hoping to hold off just putting her on antibiotics like doxicycline because she's already on 21 other pills for her heart and BP. She'll stop eating for sure. That's a rough antibiotic (I've been on it).


I'll probably be asking for a blood sample to be sent out for other tick diseases. THing is, Pearl is 12. I've had her for 8 yrs. Isn't that kinda long before a tick disease acts up?

And I'm praying it's not autoimmune. She absolutely can't handle prednizone.

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Well, she's stopped eating and has watery diarrhea. I don't think I need to go to the evet, but she's going to see someone tomorrow. I have to call her cardiologist to see if any of her meds could cause this. Dr. Couto hasn't gotten back to me yet regarding her test results (faxed from my vets). But I think she needs updated tests.

I might end up going to Red Bank Hospital.

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