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Sobe Lost Weight!

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Sobe raced at 79 lbs.... very thin. He's a pretty big boy - and wide- wide at the shoulders, hips, head. He's broad all over.


When we first adopted him - I let him gain too much weight, and he got to 87 lbs. And you couldn't see a rib on him. He got fat. I got better at controlling his weight, and exercise, and he leveled out at about 82 for a long time. I go by looks now, and I try to keep all my dogs showing just a shadow of ribs. Sobe- (like me) will gain weight even thinking about eating a treat. Diana - is a skinny mini - and you just can't get her to look anything but thin.


So - I had Sobe at the vet Monday - and he weighed ONLY 76 lbs! He's below race weight! Granted, he's now 9 years old, and his muscle tone is NOTHING like he used to have - but he still looks fine to me - just a shadow of some ribs showing, no back spines showing. I honestly dont think he needs to gain weight - I'm just VERY surprised - that my "chubby boy".....is now lighter. :blink: Is this normal?

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i wouldn't worry. i just weighed james, he's 12, and has just about no muscle left. he was A BIG BOY in his hay day. raced at 78 i think? he weighs less than one of my girls now. he weighed in at 62 today. i'm still working on putting a couple more pounds on him... about 2 more pounds and he'll not be underweight anymore. but still that puts him at 64, compared to 78! :eek

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Guest Energy11

Usually, as they get older, they do lose muscle mass, thus, some weight. If he looks good, feels good, and his blood work is good, I wouldn't worry. I have the opposite problem here. Mine gain weight easily, and are on light food.

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