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Battle Scar

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When Mr Bob came to us a year ago, he had his share of battle scars but one inparticular, a large one, on his front leg was about 2 inches wide, and reached across his whole front leg, his beautiful egg plant color skin shown through, but over the past 2 weeks this area looks as if it has sluffed off and pink has now replaced it with new hair growth, i guessed this was an injury involving a skin scrape orginally, and was long term, never to regrow,so this change has me a little baffled, I know he has had no other injury to this area in the past two weeks, as he is not a snow worshiper, so walks are short, and in and out to yard to do his thing has anyone else ever had this happen?, or a guess on what is making this sudden regrowth? Thanks :unsure

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Many scars fade over time. A good, fatty food will help many skin issues, including scars. If you feed a skin/coat supplemnt, even just fish oil, that could be helping too.


I know I personally have scars that have faded over time. A little over a year ago, I dropped my grooming table, and the legs or leg braces got me in three places, teo on my arms. The scars were nasty for a while, but they look much better now. I highly doubt they will ever fade completely, but They have become far less noticable, with time. Amazing how the body works, actually!

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