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Panacur Day 3 = Not Eating?

Guest JudiK

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My poor little foster dog has a severe infestation of hookworm. Doc gave me 7 packets of Panacur to mix in with her food. No problem - she is always starving. Due to the runny poo, I have been cooking bland diet for her for two weeks <sigh.> This morning, she stopped eating. I'm thinking that I can mix another dose into meat-flavored baby food this evening to make sure that she gets it - and get one more dose from Doc when I pick-up Pear (my heart dog who has spent his Christmas in the hospital... another discussion all together). I don't want to call Doc, since she is spending her Christmas trying to stop Pear's bleeding (2 additional surgeries), then chasing all around to get him Amicar on Christmas weekend. So, GT - is it normal for a dog on Panacur for tons of hookworms, to stop eating on about day three??

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Thanks, Diane - you solved both of my medical problems this weekend. I guess I owe GAN a couple of collar/leash sets. I will make you some of my prettiest, with matching tag collars since I'm off for three more weeks. Will you be at GiG this year or should I ship them??

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