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For All Those - Fur Family, Human, Etc


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http://www.crossroad.to/Victory/poems/Christmas-3.htm There's also a link to hear the poem.....at the bottom of the page. ... http://www.christmasinheaven.net/resources.html


May we all find such comfort in the arms of an angel.

Edited by 2NOFLEAS

Tina dogmom to Rocket and Angels Cofax (my girl) 5/9/01-7/1/10(OS), ReRun (my boy)(4/18/95-4/19/07 Heart tumor)) Dedicating my life as much as I could - to keeping the smile alive of my Lambie Pie - lost 12/04 to Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever.... & then there's the hubby - Bob

.... http://www.freewebs.com/3nofleas/ .

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Guest BlueCrab

Thanks for sharing. This is my first Christmas without my mom, so it's a tough one. We always did Christmas Eve mass with her, so it's going to be weird tonight not trekking down to pick her up.

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Thank you for sharing this - missing my beautiful Suzy.

Deb, and da Croo
In my heart always, my Bridge Angels - Macavity, Tila the wannabe, Dexter, CDN Cold Snap (Candy), PC Herode Boy, WZ Moody, Poco Zinny, EM's Scully, Lonsome Billy, Lucas, Hurry Hannah, Daisy (Apache Blitz), Sadie (Kickapoo Kara), USS Maxi, Sam's Attaboy, Crystal Souza, Gifted Suzy, Zena, and Jetlag who never made it home.


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Guest Energy11

Thank you for sharing this! I vividly remember my first Christmas without Bob ... then, my first Christmas without Energy ... They WERE hard! Now, I just give thanks for John (DH) and My Five ... Enjoyed watching them chew their velvet-coated elk antlers all afternoon (well not DH :-)

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Guest FreddyGirl

This was the first Christmas as the only member of my nuclear family. Dad died january 2009. It was, and I am still having a really difficult time.


This poem struck a chord , wish I had seen it a few weeks ago. A comforting cry usually feels good.


Thank heavens for a handful of wonderful friends, 2 members of my extended family and the pups. I am blessed in having them. :angel

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Guest 3greysinPA

This is my second Christmas without both of my grandmothers... and it is still very painful.

My mom's mom died in 1997... and i was very close to her.... she was like a mother to me..and my dad's mom died last year in December actually... and so... I am very sad...the holidays have gotten a lot different for us in the last 10 years.. as your family goes away.. things change.. . I know they go away to heaven, a better place, but I have a rough time dealing with death. :(


Rest in peace :f_pink Nona :f_pink and f_yellow Nannie f_yellow


I love you both and someday we will meet again...

Maybe to go fishing or just play monopoly.


Hugs to all of you. :grouphug

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