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Pepcid Tables

Guest GriffinsMom

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Guest GriffinsMom

Miles has quite bad arthritis in his back right leg and the cold weather we have been having has greatly aggravated it. He is being treated with Cartrafin injections and Metacam. However, the Metacam is upsetting his stomach and he occasionally throws up. As Miles receives his Cartrafin injections each week the amount of Metacam he receives will be reduced until I, hopefully, can wean him off the Metacam entirely.


I have been adding a Pepcid tablet to the meal in which he also receives his Metacam. He threw up again and I noticed that the Pepcid tablet did not look like it had dissolved at all. In his next meal, this morning, I crushed the Pepcid tablet before adding it to his breakfast. I will not know if he throws up until I get home this afternoon. By crushing the Pepcid tablet have I compromised the effectiveness of the medicine?


I know that some medicines are designed to be digested in a specific way so the capsule or tables should remain intact. Is this the case with Pepcid?


Any help or information on how to better manage Miles pain from the arthritis would be appreciated.

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Guest Energy11

I wouldn't think crushing the Pepcid would make any difference. I hope it helps you Miles. I always give a Pepcid, If I am giving any of the NSAID drugs, too. Love to your boy!

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The pepcid needs to be in his system an hour or so before he eats. We put Cash's in some peanut butter or a small piece of lunchmeat. I don't think crushing it would mae any difference.


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An earlier form of famotidine (Pepcid) was Pepcid RPD, designed to dissolve in the mouth. Crushing should not make any difference.


If you're using something like Pepcid Complete, it's an antacid + famotidine (hence the manufacturer's boast that it works more quickly- neutralizing acid, AND blocking acid production).

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