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Ear Infection?

Guest Ashley

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Yesterday when Dbf was petting Sadie, she yelped a little when he touched her ear. Then today, she was scratching her ear with her hind leg and she yelped very loudly. I looked inside of it and it doesn't look inflamed or irritated at all. Is there any way to know other than taking her to the vet? Or should we just go tomorrow so they can look?

Any help would be great, thank you!

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Guest Energy11

Really, you can clean her ear with a good canine ear cleaner. Squirt it in there, rub her ears, and clean out with cotton or a cosmetic pad. If the "gunk" is really dark and sticky looking, it is most likely an infection, ... bacterial or fungal. Might even be ear mites. All of this has to be treated by a vet, but is it usually pretty easy to clear up.


You don't want him shaking his head too much, or he might develop an ear hematoma, which has to be repaired surgically.


I'd clean the ears out well, and go from there. Good Luck!

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Guest FrostyBottoms

Frosty yelps any time someone other than me, dh & the kids pet her ears. I was told that some trainers pull them by their ears and that is why they are sensitive. I don't know how true that is. This doesn't explain why she yelped from scratching her own ear though. I'd have it checked just in case.

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Does she seem more sensitive on one ear than the other? If so, try sniffing her ears (before you clean). Ear infections often smell "yeasty" and the discharge in the bad ear is yellowish.


Put ear cleaner on a jumbo cotton ball. Hold the ball in your hand for a bit until the cleaning solution warms up. Then tuck the cotton ball in her ears and massage her ears from the outside. Then pull out the cotton ball, and wipe out any excess cleaner.


My Sam has terrific ears--no infections or problems--and he loves having his ears rubbed. But every now and then he scratches his own ears and yips a bit. I think he's rubbing his ears in a way he likes (when I do it, he groans and leans into my hand--think "eargasm"), but he winds up scratching a bit hard and yips...and gets over it right away. An outcry isn't automatically a problem. She could just have an itch (or a bit of moisture in her ears that's making her shake her head), and her attempts to scratch the itch might be a bit too enthusiastic.

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