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Lexi Is Fighting For Her Life:(

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Sending prayers for Lexi and for you:hope :hope:hope

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Guest greyvettech
So this was caused by the vaccines or the raw food she was fed or a combo of the same? I'm confused.


How frightening! I can't imagine. Glad you work for a vet who's obviously so helpful and were able to contact OSU as well!


No she gets fed kibble. When she did eat raw food (7 years ago) she obtained e-coli in her GI tract. Her body thought this was a normal flora. After she received the vaccines, it sent her immune system crazy and then recognized the e-coli as an enemy and the e-coli took havic on her body-first by causing thyrombocytopenia and secondary liver and kidney failure... (cannot explain why this hasn't happened with previous vaccines) she is older now and her immune system is not as strong... I was told this is vary rare..but it's basically what happend to a person if they eat e-coli contaminated meat.. It is so odd this would happen...


Thank god !!!!!! she has kept food and water down- she will only eat certain things, but this is OK...... she still has so much adema:( and she seems a little uncomfortable at times. Since she can keep stuff down now we are starting her on azodyl supplement for her kidneys.... I just hope and pray she continues to improve...I know there is a chance she could regress.... Thank you guys so much for all the wishes. You are greyt:)

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Guest Energy11

Glad the hear she is keeping stuff down. The edema should subside, once the the kidneys and liver gets functioning again.


Keep up the good work with her! I KNOW from experience, it is hard taking care of your own, believe me, I know!


Love and hugs from Dee and My Five!

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Just catching up on this now. All my good thoughts and prayers are going to you and Lexi. What a frightening diagnosis and symptoms. It sounds like there has been some improvement and we'll all be sending our hopes that your girl continues to heal. :hope :hope :candle :candle



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