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Lexi Is Fighting For Her Life:(

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This is greyt news!



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What a happy looking little girl...glad to see that she's back to her normal self....


user posted imageuser posted image

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Per your request, here is what I saw her doing last night....... btw, she has gained 2 pounds!!! yay!





What a cutie! And hooray for a 2 lb weight gain!!! Yay, Lexi!!

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Guest greyvettech
I am asking everyone to please pray for my Lexi. Here is her story.....Sunday night she didn't eat her dinner which is pretty unusual for her. Monday morning I woke up, she was lay on the floor, not in her usual spot, and she had had diarrhea on the carpet. She was reluctant to get up. So, since I work for a Veterinarian, I took her to work suspecting she had gastroenteritis. She got anti-diarrhea meds, an iv cath and a cbc/chemistry profile. I took her home that night as she seemed to feel a little better. Her chemistry panel was perfectly normal and on her cbc her platelets were low but there were clumps in the sample so we didn't know how acurate it was. Monday night she began vomiting blood, had bloody diarrhea and had blood in her retinas and began to become partially blind. She was also very weak and painful.. I rushed her back to work and my vet diagnosed her with immune mediated thyrombocytopenia. Her platelet count was 9 (very very low) We started prednisone and doxycyline incase it was a tick borne related thyrombocytopenia. As I was on the way home, she vomited her meds:( I took her back to work and we started iv dexamethasone. The next day she developed petichia (bruising all over her skin). In my eyes, she was going down hill fast. We decided to check her blood values again. Now her chemistry profile indicated elevated liver and kidney enzymes just within 24 hours..my worst fear. At this point, my vet was boggled and knew something more had to be going on but nothing was making sense. we did extensive tick profiles, coombs disease titers, rheumatoid titer (immune diseases)..everything was negative. At this point, she seemed to feel a little better but was not eating. the next day she was worse than ever. Her kidneys and liver were starting to fail even though it seemed her thyrombocytopenia was resolving. So, I decided to email Dr. Couto at Ohio State and he got back to me within 12 hours! Just from the little info I told him, he already knew what could be wrong. the next morning he talked to my veterinarian and was able to diagnose her within 10 minutes based on her symptoms and all her blood results. He diagnosed her with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (this is something very very rare in dogs but he had seen it before)-stems from e-coli in the gi tract- (from when she ate raw meat while racing) Her body thought of e-coli as a natural flora in her GI tract and she had been vaccinated a week prior to her illiness and the vaccines affected her immune system and then she became suseptible to the e-coli and it began to reak havic on her blood cells and organs. I will never vaccinate my greyhounds again!!! Not only that, the only treatment for her at this point was plasma. He arranged to send plasma overnight free of charge!!!! (and I am in Florida) OMG- I love Dr. Couto! The plasma arrived this afternoon and we were able to give it to her a couple hours ago. This may not be a cure but it might be enough to get her over this nasty syndrome. The plasma which is full of antibodies and protein should kill the organisms that are attacking her kidneys. She has kidney damage and we don't know if her body can recover from this. She has so much adema she is so swollen she doesn't even look like my Lexi:( Now, it's a wait and see thing. We are repeating blood work tomorrow to check her values. She feels so poorly and I hate to put her through this, but if there is hope and I didn't do it, I would regret it forever.The main thing is- she has not had any digested food since Sunday! -despite a very small handful of i/d that she ate this morning. She will drink but refuses to eat. I have her here at home on her IV and steroid injections. I have down everything I can do for her. I don't know what I am going to do if I lose her. If she doesn't eat food by tomorrow, we are in big trouble. I am giving the plasma 24 hours to make her feel better and start eating again. I cannot stand to see her suffer:( I love her more than anything and I cannot believe this is happening, I have had no sleep because I am constantly staring at her... Does anyone else have any experience with this syndrome? I am trting to remain hopeful but it's so hard. Please keep her in your thoughts. Thank you for listening.. This is very long, I know...



-Just editing to note she has recovered and is doing greyt! :) trying to figure out how to update topic? hmmmm

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Guest longdoglady
Per your request, here is what I saw her doing last night....... btw, she has gained 2 pounds!!! yay!







:wub: Seeing Lexi looking so well, cosy and contented brought happy tears to my eyes, and she is gaining weight too! Thank you for posing Lexi :)

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trying to figure out how to update topic? hmmmm


Have to be a GT supporter to do that. :)


It's wonderful that she's doing so well. :yay

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