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I've seen a lot of new signatures lately. I've removed the ones I noticed were too big or otherwise didn't meet the guidelines.


Click here for the GT signature guidelines


Please take a moment and look at your signature.

Make sure it fits the guidelines posted above.


If you have text - 4 lines is the max, INCLUDING blank lines.

If you have an image/images - the total combined size cannot exceed 15k for a file size and the image size cannot be larger than 150h x 500w. Only one row of images is allowed and no animation (makes your filesize too big) unless it is one of the emoticons from our list of emotis.

If you are advertising your business in your signature, keep it to one line of text and if it is in your signature image, it must be no bigger than 75h x 275w

Please do not advertise for others in your signature.



If you are a supporter, you can upload your signature into your GT album (instructions in the tech forum). It will not resize your image. Photobucket usually does make your filesize bigger. Make sure it is <15 when it is in your signature, not what it is on your computer.



To determine your file and image size...


Mouse over the image and right click, choose properties



Firefox should see something like this:



IE will see something slightly different, but you are looking at the same information.




If your signature does not meet the guidelines, please fix it :)

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