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Little Things Mean A Lot

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Diamond jumped into the SUV today. I have a 4runner which is just about one of the highest off the ground SUVs. She told me "enough with the ramp Momma, I don't need it anymore" :cool


What makes this so monumental is that just weeks prior to surgery (we had been diagnosed only 2-3 weeks before surgery)......she didn't want to jump into the car anymore and wanted the ramp.


This just reinforces that she really was in pain even on the high doses of rimady and tramadol.


Now, if we can only get her suture site to fully heal (we have an infection and changed antibiotics to one that the organism is sensitive to).


As soon as that's done, she'll go on chemo.


But, She's feeling fine. Just fine! :star



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Well Dr. Couto got the biopsy results back.


It was definitely OS. (And believe it or not, I'm thankful for that. I would be devastated if it turned out to be an infection that we could have fixed without amputation.)


And........the lymph nodes were CLEAN!! :yay



The tetracycline is working on the infection and it's almost healed, so I'm thinking her chemo starts within a week or so.


:goodluck So, hopefully we get this done, and behind us and she can enjoy another couple of years.



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Mary Pat, that's GREAT news! This journey is a series of small victories, set-backs, ups and downs, and we cherish each step along the way. Didn't it make your heart fill with love for your precious girl to see her doing something, seemingly small, but so meaningful? They are amazing, aren't they?

Yes, you KNOW that pain is gone, and it's now adjusting to life as a tripod. It sounds like Diamond is doing a wonderful job.

Good luck with the chemo---we will be keeping you both in our prayers.

Nancy, Mom to Evangelina, Kiva and Laila
Missing Lacey, Patsy, Buster, my heart dog Nick, Winnie, Pollyanna, Tess, my precious Lydia, Calvin Lee, and kitties Lily, Sam and Simon
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Wonderful news! For our tripods, we were told to not let them jump out of the SUV. Too much stress on the remaining limbs.


She jumps into the SUV, but from day one, NONE of mine are allowed to jump out. I make them all wait for me to put the ramp up.


Thankfully this made it very easy for Dima once she became a tripod.


(even my petite 5 yr old uses the ramp to get out)


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