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Tobin Fell While Running, Got Hurt

Guest lolo

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Tobin was going craaaazy at the little fenced in park near my house, running around like an idiot. Part of the park changes from grass to sidewalk, and when he ran over the transition he tripped and fell face-first and slid forward. He got up and started whimpering, clearly having stunned himself.


His right front leg is scraped up, mostly very minor stuff. But there is a cut on his knee that is a little deeper. He walked home, limping at first, then walking much better, and there wasn't much blood at all. I cleaned the wounds, put some EMT gel on them. Then I used a non-stick pad and some self-adhesive wrap cover the bigger cut on his knee. I also gave him two chewable doggie aspirin and now he's napping in his crate.


I feel like it's pretty minor, but as a new mom, I'm not sure and I'm worried about my boy! If the same cut was on my knee, I definitely wouldn't go to the doctor. When do you know a greyhound needs a stitch or two? I called the vet and left a message, but I haven't herd back yet (they're a home-visit practice). Should I take him into the emergency vet or just wait and see how he is tomorrow? It's not bleeding anymore, but there is definitely a tear in his skin, and it is on his knee so it might be harder to keep closed. However,it seems pretty well wrapped up now.


Poor Tobin. Any advice?



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If it's not gaping open so you can see tendons, bones, etc. and it's not bleeding, he'll be fine till tomorrow. Might need stitches, might not; but tomorrow is soon enough to see. Sounds like his mom knows how to handle these things pretty well :) .

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Without seeing it, this is obviously a guess. I would wait and have him see your vet in the am just to be sure he doesn't need an antibiotic or pain med.


Feel better!


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Guest Energy11

Hard call!


First of all, you have done ALL the right stuff :-)) If it is really deep, on the knee, like you said, it will probably take forever to heal. I think it can wait until morning, unless something changes, ... like is starts bleeding again, or he really starts to favor the leg.


One way or the other, I would get it looked at, and it will most likely need an oral antibiotic like Keflex.


Good Luck with this!

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Thanks for the quick responses! I'm glad I have my bases covered, and if anyone thinks of something else I can do for him tonight, I'm all ears. I don't want to miss a step!


I'm definitely going to have him checked out tomorrow. I'll let you know what the vet says. I feel bad for him, he's sulking in his crate and looking at me with sad eyes. It also sucks that he hurt himself before his last poop of the day, the poor guy is going to have to brave his injury in a little bit to take care of number two!

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See how he is tomorrow. He may need a vet visit or he may not. Stitches in the knee area probably aren't going to hold well, so I woul think about managing it as an open cut. If your vet will give you an antibiotic just on your description it will save you the $$$ of a visit.


Poor guy! Hoepfully her can take care of hs business al right.

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