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Looking For Someone With Experience With Torn Muscle In Rear Leg


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I haven't been able to contact my GH trainer friend and one of my greys appears to have torn a muscle in his rear leg. He is retired and was just running for fun when apparently this happend. There is swelling and brusing. I'm not sure whether to try to wrap it to help with the swelling or what to do.

Any advice/suggestions from folks familiar with racing injuries would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Onrushpam, LynnM, Hubcitypam, TheDoggfather could all help you and would probably respond to PMs. There are probably some other folks but those are the ones who I know have dealt with this before. Maybe also KennelMom. Good luck!

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Valentino retired because he tore the muscle in his back leg. It was bruised and swollen for a couple of weeks and you could definitely tell it was torn when he first came home because his back leg was oddly shaped compared to the other leg. It healed up nicely on it's own. Now you can barely see the difference in the legs and he had no complications and can run well, with no limping what so ever.

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Guest KennelMom

No experience w/a torn gracilis...I believe LynnM's boy Joplin was a member of the Funky Booty Club though...she or Pam would be who'd pm. Though I'm sure Coach or any of the racing folks will also have some advide as well.


I don't think there's much you can do for it....probably rest and/or pain relief. I've heard if it's a partial tear, you can try to get them to run all out and go ahead and get it to just tear the whole way...otherwise you end up with a recurring injury as the muscle tears little by little.


eta: w/o advice from a vet or person experienced, I probably wouldn't wrap. We keep rimadyl and tramadol on hand, so I'd probaby give that to keep my dog comfortable. And Ice it every couple hours.

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Guest brcgreys

No need to wrap, just time will heal it. As Kennelmom said, unless you know how to get him to complete the tear, do worry with it. If he seems unusually painful, you can give him a coated aspirin, just make sure it is ASPIRIN, not ibuprofen or acetominaphin. One 325 mg coated aspirin twice a day(once a day may be enough, sometime a little goes a long way) for a couple of days and that should be enough. It will be swollen and bruised for a while, that's normal. Just a bit of pain is actually better, in this case, than removing all the pain. Pain is the body's way of letting the brain know to protect that area. It may always look "funny", that cheek may be lower or even higher than the other, depending on where the tear is, how much tore and simply how it heals. I've seen ones that have what almost looks like an upside down shelf for a butt cheek. Sometimes after healing that leg will appear to "kick out" more than the other, sometimes not. Either way, he should be fine as frogs hair in a few weeks. Just tell him to go easy on the "zippies" in the yard! :lol

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, I'll do the best I can.

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