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To Lick...or Not To Lick?

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Kare Bear was running wild with Tessie the FUZZZZ in the yard on Sunday, and I think she caught a twig in the yard and gashed her foot pretty good between the toes. The bleeding stopped pretty quickly, I cleaned it really good in an Epsom Salt soak, and took a good look with a flashlight. There is not much to do as there really isn't anything to stitch. She is on an antibiotic and a few days of Rimadyl.


I have been putting a bootie on the foot for outs time to keep the mud out of it, and soak it a couple of times a day in the Epsom Salt bath to debrade and clean it. It's looks nasty, but clean. The question....is it ok to allow her to lick it or not? She will lick it some, but when she starts to give it a tug I step in and avert her attention to something else. Tessie stepped in one night to clean it for her and Kare Bear laid back and allowed it for a couple of minutes. Again I stepped in after a short time.


I read online that there is an enzyme in dog saliva which helps to promote healing, as well as the licking stimulates growth of new tissue to help heal the wound. Should I allow the licking, or discourage it? Is a little bit ok, or not at all? She hasn't been favoring it at all even though it looks like it ought to hurt quite a bit.


I've read opinions on both sides....what are your thoughts?



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Cosmo did something very similar. I used a baby/toddler sock and taped it up with medical paper tape. I would put triple antibiotic on it and change sock at night. In a just a matter of 4/5 days it was healed up enough to leave the sock off. So after the first 3/5 days, let her have at it. As long as they don't lick to much and inhibit the healing!!


If the wounds are not deep, I always let nature take its course. Just help a little. When they are deep or won't leave alone, that is when I get involved.

Sheila and CO

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When Lacie punctured her webbing (clean puncture and not large), the vet had her on antibiotics and said not to wrap it. He thought it was okay for her to lick (she's not a big licker) and to just keep it clean.


BTW, cute pups! :wub:

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