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Supplements For Arthritis

Guest wjamg

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My girl has been on Osteo-3 for almost two years. Lately her arthritis is flaring up more, maybe its the colder weather or that she will be eight soon but I would like to try something else to see if its more helpful. Right now her supplement contains 900 mg of glucosamine HCL, MSM, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and several vitamins.


Anyone have a favorite supplement that works well?

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Guest myIrishlass

I don't mean to be a downer, but my mom (very into alternative health and supplements) recently read an article about a study done on glucosamine. It only works for small percentage of people (dogs too, I assume). So if you see any positive effects, it works, but if you don't it probably never will. Bummer. I've been using it for years.

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:unsure O.K. I can buy that, but how would you know if you don't try it?.. MSM helps with pain, I have seen a difference in my 3 that have been on it for about 6 mo
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There are many good products out there.


Greyhound Gang does offer Get Up & Go, which we are proud to say:


1. works

2. is high quality and in powder form

3. is inexpensive. Two month supply (60-days) is $14.95 of Glucosamine.

4. proceeds help hounds

5. testimonials - unsolicited -


Greyhound Gang's web site has lots of information. When purchasing other products be aware:

- Greyhounds need 1500 mgs a day of Glucosamine. Gluc HCL has a higher efficacy than sulfate.

- Glucosamine is the foundation, but adding MSM and Chondroitin is a good thing. Greys also need 1500 mgs a day of EACH of those.


Throughout the years there have been many studies. Some say yeah. Some say nay. I say the proof is in these testimonials .


Glucosamine is the foundation.

Chondroitin, when combined with glucosamine, helps everything work even better.

MSM is for inflammation. With inflammation reduced, the other products work even better.


I also like to give Grizzly Salmon Oil for inflammation and skin.


Hope this helps.

Happy to answer any questions.


Claudia & Greyhound Gang
100% Helps Hounds

GIG Bound!

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Guest greytloves

Drs Foster and Smiths Joint Care #3.


When I accidently run out, my girl limps, a few weeks into getting her back on course = no limp. So, I have to believe it works!

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Guest KennelMom

Different products work differently for different dogs. My best guess is it has to do with formulation and how well each individual dog can absorb and use that particular formula. We've had the best luck across multiple hounds with the liquid Healthy Joints K-9.

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