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Is Msm Ok For Kidney Issue Dogs?

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Does anybody know if MSM is harmful or OK for older houndies that have reduced kidney function? Aggie is 13 1/2 and has done wonderfully (as expected) on Fresh Factors. They contain yeast however which I understand is loaded with phosphorous. I was thinking of switching her to Springtime's Joint Health -basically the same chrodroitan/glucosamine etc.- that doesn't have yeast in it. However it does contain MSM and I don't know if that is safe for kidney dogs. Anybody know? Asking her vet is not an option as her vet don't know and doesn't want to be bothered finding out. Thanks.

PS-She already gets Enalapril, Epakitin & Azodyl.

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Guest Energy11

I really don't know if it would be harmful or not. Did you ask the vet?


Here is another alternative, though, ALL NATURAL. I ordered it for Curfew, who is on Soloxine, for his Hypothyroidism.

ELKUSA.com (look to the right, and you will see a cartoon dog, and all the canine products).


There is a product line they have called Caniflex, which looks good! Very very good! The antlers are wonderful, too! Mine LOVE THEM, and I have seen lots of tarter disappear from their teeth in the last two days :-) Good Luck ... hope this helps.

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