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Weird Bump / Wart / Zit Like Thing

Guest littlesyd85

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Guest littlesyd85

So as it seems to go in my house with the dogs, there is always something medically wrong! Well my 10 year old Lena (newly adopted 2 months ago) has a few strange bumps/warts/zit things on her skin... I noticed one on her shoulder immediately but I didn't think much of it. Well it has progressively gotten worse and I think it is bothering her now because she has been licking it more and more (I stop her of course). Tonight I was going to attempt to clip her nails which she did not like at all by the way. Anyways, I had her laying on her side and I noticed a small bump on her chest that was similar (no where near as big) to the one on her shoulder. Moments after I found that one a noticed one on her back toe.


Here are photos of the bad one on her shoulder








I know that I need to take her to the vet, but I thought I would ask if anyone's grey has had something like this before.

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Looks like a histiocytoma. Carmen had one, I took her to the vet and he gave me some antifungal stuff and it went away in about a week. He also told me that it would have eventually gone away on it's own. It's always best to check with your vet tho to be sure.

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Guest Energy11

Could be a wart. Goldie has a few of them, and has had them for years.


Might want to vet to take a quick look, just to be on the safe side. BTW... Goldie hates her nails cut, too! DH has to hold a jar of peanut butter to distract her, while I TRY to cut! She will never have short nails :-(


Good Luck.

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Guest 3greysinPA

yes, figgy had something that looked very very similar to that... it was a little larger than a pea... on his ear... and it crusted over ... like with a scab... looked really bad.... and then all of a sudden.. started shrinking and went away on its on...

the Vet said it was a cyst and it would go away on its on... and sure enough.. it did.


ETA: just wanted to add that i believe he had it for about 6-8 weeks total... it was there for quite a while.

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Guest TheUnrulyHound

i just posted this in the other thread ;) hahaha, I will copy it here....


Cabby had a hystiocytoma----




the first pic is the first day.. the second is about 24 hours later... after 6 weeks or so it was all healed and hair had grown back (it all fell out from the surface of the bump)


we did take him in for a fine needle aspiration. Vet said to watch it for infection and if he bothered it at all, he never seemed to know it was there.


I hope she feels better soon :(


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Could be a hematoma. Raven had one on her chest. It would periodically rupture and bleed so we had it removed, but it was benign. I definitely suggest getting your hound in to be checked, though.


Here's what it looked like after it ruptured. Clean off the blood and it looks a lot like the growth on your hound.



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