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Urination - In House


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Hello All,

Recently our Greyhound, Julie, started to urinate in the house. She is 5 years old and we have had her for 1 year. We noticed that she will drink a lot of water in the late afternoon/early evening. This started about 4 weeks ago. We have taken her to vet and are waiting for results of urine analysis. There does not appear to be a pattern to this behvaior. We also do not leave her for long periods of time. Has anyone had this problem before? If so what was it? What was done to fix it?

Look forward to your reply.

Mrs. Woolfy :colgate

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We noticed that she will drink a lot of water in the late afternoon/early evening. .... Has anyone had this problem before? If so what was it? What was done to fix it?


There's your pattern :) .


Yes, had this problem before. Not urinating in the house but the late afternoon/early evening drinking, with subsequent leaking and many trips outside.


Sometimes there was a urinary tract infection and the problem responded to antibiotics.


Sometimes there was no detectable urinary tract infection and the problem responded to antibiotics anyways.


But the problem kept recurring. What finally worked for us was/is a very low salt homeprepared diet. Zema eats 95% meat. She gets a multivitamin and calcium supplement. On that diet, she's fine 99.9% of the time. Put her back on kibble -- even prescription low salt kibble -- and problem recurs.


I think that there is something in commercial food that irritates her in some way. Maybe salt, maybe not salt, maybe more than one thing. This solution of ours was a longshot, last resort, and I don't really know why it works. Only mentioning it because it was fairly harmless to try and in our case it has worked for @ 2 years now. She has rather high blood pressure (though it's reasonable on the low-salt diet) so I won't give her any of the incontinence meds.


Hugs and best luck.

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As Batmom said sometimes UTIs show and sometimes not. Chloe is suscetable to UTIs because she holds her urnine too long and does not drink enough.


Hope it's a simple fix.



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Guest Energy11

If your vet hasn't already done so, he/she should probably culture the urine. Oakly had a UTI for a while, and two anticiotics kept it "at bay," but didn't knock it out. We had the urine cultured, and found the right antibiotic.


Good Luck and lots of love!

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Guest 3greysinPA

We had a similar experience with Lilly and it actually still occurs if we let her drink too much water.

She was tested for UTI's and blood... She was put on antibiotics... just in case... but everything came back normal....

We just assumed that she liked to drink water and would drink too much and have accidents... she would drink so much and then not make it to the door in time for us to get her out... So, we limit her water intake and not FILL the bowl. We just make sure she is not OVER drinking and She is fine now.

She only has an accident when WE let her drink too much.

but this was our situation... and our story... yours may be different in many ways... but i just wanted to share our story with you ... in case in would help.


many prayers that your houndie is treatable, and gets well quickly...

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