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Diamond Update

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I posted this in the other thread but since I don't have access to say "update #..." I'll start a new thread.


We saw the oncologist today at the Hillsboro branch of the Red Bank hospital (largest private hospital in the country)


They took xrays, which I've been trying to email to OSU but seem to be having trouble with size.


And, they xrayed everything. She's clear (other than her osteo).

And even that was a little better news. The bone is still in good shape, not ready to break.


I asked the doctor how he felt about amputation for her since she's 12. He said he doesn't look at age. You have old 12 yr olds and young 12 yr olds. And a great example was the 12 yr old black female greyhound right in front of me. She was limping too.

She was just diagnosed with osteo there. (I found out Monday). But.......they did a chest xray. It had already metastisized. It's too late for her. She was a bitty thing too, just 50 lbs soaking wet. And in comes my porker (yeah, she's gained a bit over the past several weeks from decreased exercise).


But the oncologist said that everything is pointing to a good outcome for Diamond if I go that route.


I'm still unsure whether to go to OSU or Red Bank. I think I'd still feel more comfortable taking the 10 hr trip simply because OSU has seen so many greyhounds.


It also might be cheaper. Surgery at RB is between $2000- $2500. So actually driving 10 hrs is cheaper. And I have been offered free room by a "foster' person. So I can take that out of the equation.


So as of right now, I am still going forward with the amputation.


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Well I'm sorry for the diagnosis but happy that the vet seems to think he will do well with treatment. Prayers for both of you.

Judy, mom to Darth Vader, Bandita, And Angel

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Whatever your decision, I send my prayers.



ROBIN ~ Mom to: Beau Think It Aint, Chloe JC Allthewayhome, Teddy ICU Drunk Sailor, Elsie N Fracine , Ollie RG's Travertine, Ponch A's Jupiter~ Yoshi, Zoobie & Belle, the kitties.

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Here's another update. (Sorry, I'm not allowed to update my topic)


ANyway, the local oncologist called. Dima's bloodwork is clean. Nothing at all is abnormal. So, I think the next step might be to go to OSU and get their opinion of how they think she might do as a tripod. They if anyone would have the best idea looking at her physical condition.


Or....maybe I should get the CT first. OSU doesn't do them, but here at Red Bank they do. IF they see any obvious spots, then that totally changes my decision making. If there's cancer anywhere else, then I will definitely not go forward with amputation. But if she's clean....she's got a prognosis of over a year. (yeah....I know.........I could still lose her within weeks).


He also said that two weeks to make the decision is fine. Just not longer. (if I want to go to OSU, it would be Dewey weekend, because Dr. Couto is back and I've already asked for that weekend off)


Thing is...the CT adds another $1100 to the bill. And Dima doesn't have insurance. Everyone else had double cancer coverage............go figure.



Over the weekend friends of mine came over and we started building a ramp off the back deck. There are only 6 stairs, but why not make it even easier? So, next to the stairs will be the ramp. The platform is complete, I need to add the actual ramp and railing. That's it. Maybe one more day of work. I'll show a pix when complete. There will be indoor/outdoor carpet over "speed bumps" on the ramp to prevent slipping. Even the old lady will like it.

I already have Dima using the store bought ramp into and out of the car. Onyx (the old lady) has been using that.

But she fell off the ramp yesterday :weep

Her back leg misstepped and went over the side and she slid off, then the ramp fell on her. She was almost at the top and that's about a 3 foot fall.

Luckily though, it was in slo-mo. I didn't find any boo-boo, not even a bruise. I gave her an ascriptin when we got home and she's showing no ill effect (except maybe not use the ramp anymore!)


That's it in a nutshell............




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