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I'm guessing the "B" shot was buprenorphine, a pain killer. Unfortunately what vets often forget to tell people is that a common side effect of a buprenorphine shot is heavy panting.


I hope your gorgeous Riley turns out to be okay. :goodluck


eta: I agree the evet should have xrayed. :angry:


This really pisses me off. I told the vet he has larygeal paralysis & the last thing he needs is to pant more.

I hope Riley is ok.


I have a hard time believing that an e-vet has to wait two days to get xrays back. That doesn't sit right with me.


I go to NGAP and they have them right there.

He did not take xrays.


I am at my vet w him now. We are in the back and he's laying on his bed. The vet gave him Valium and fluids and will do xrays in a couple hrs. They turned down the ac just for him and brought him an icepack. I feel so much better w him here for the day. I'm going to sit w him until he (hopefully) falls asleep. Thanks everyone. I would be freaking out so much more w/o you.

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:bighug for you and Riley!!


Hope it is nothing serious!

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Praying it isn't anything worse than a soft tissue injury. When I read the part about the heavy panting my heart sank. All I was thinking about then is he has LP and that kind of drug would be contraindicated I'm sure. What a stressful time for you all.


Sounds like your vet know what he's doing and has the panting under control. Waiting with you while you wait on a diagnosis.

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If you get the chance to sit it out or dance.......... I hope you dance! Missing our littlest girl.

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:goodluck that there is nothing of interest on the x-rays, and that Riley will feel better soon.

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Well darn, that little cowdoggie isn't having a very good month. He's in our prayers and I'm sending hugs to you. As for the e-vet, maybe he needs to go back to Chicago.

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sending good thoughts for Riley and hope it isn't too serious.

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Guest TeddysMom

I would be furious at the EVet. We all know our dogs well enough to know when there is something wrong. I hate it when a vet just dismisses a concern I have about one of my dogs. I hope you get into your own vet soon and I hope Riley is feeling better by now.

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