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Quilty's Path Report Is In - 1st Post

Guest KennelMom

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Guest KennelMom

Got the pathology report back on Quilty this morning and the tumor they removed is malignant :( About 50% of mammary tumors are malignant.


The good news is the margins were clean and the mitotic activity was 0-2, which means the cells were not dividing very quickly. There was a lymph node in the tissue that was removed and there was no evidence of cancer there, so it looks like it hasn't spread to the lymphatic system. She's had two chest xrays since we've had her and both were clear. We'll keep monitoring her mammary chain and remove any new lumps that may arise as her health allows. Fortunately, she's otherwise a strong, healthy girl so I think she'll be with us for quite some time :hope


She's back to her old self and we're having a heck of a time keeping her quite/still until her stitches come out in a week! Here's a pic from a day or two ago of her new tumor-less figure. There's a "before" at the bottom of this first post..




All I can say is, Poor Quilty. They had to carry her out of the vets office on a stretcher b/c she was so whacked out by the pain meds. When the vet took the tumor off, the tissue underneath was "brown" so that had to go too. The doc had to go a lot deeper than she anticipated sad.gif There were also a few new growths popping up as well, so she got those too, which made the incision pretty long. So, Q's entire belly is wrapped and she was not a happy camper yesterday. The good news is that she handled the anesthesia really, really well. But, it will take her longer to recover than a young whippersnapper.


We let her stay in the kennel last night, but not in a crate b/c we wanted her to be able to get up if she wanted to (plus she does NOT like to be crated). There's a bed that's always out for her...she usually lays there when I'm fixing hound meals or just doing kennel work and she's keeping me company....it's her throne lol.gif She laid down on that right away and settled down. Our dogs love it in the kennel (to them it's a big play room and dining hall!) and I know she's a lot more comfortable w/o all the activity that we have in the house. This morning she was still pretty groggy and didn't want to get up to eat. I finally rousted her and got her outside to do her business and after moving a bit her eyes brightened up considerably. Her wrap has to stay on for a few days, but what I can see of the incision poking out of the end of the wrap looks really good this morning.


The pups that are still here, sniffed her respectfully (she has taught them well over all these weeks!) and left her in peace...though I was sure to keep a very close eye on everyone. The timing of the surgery and the two pups + Hoochie leaving yesterday worked out well b/c things are a LOT calmer with only the three pups.


Hopefully, Q will be back to her old, bossy self in a day or two...until then, here are some pics.


She was very happy to have a proper meal. Can you believe they tried to give her mere kibble at the vet office? tongue.gif (don't worry, I moved the hand weights beofre she laid down)



Dozing off...her new blankie is courtesy of her Aunt Mona (Ghost and Dot's new mom)...part of a gift basket she brought when she came to pick up the pups.



Wake me when I'm healed. K. Thanks. G'night



I really appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers. They really do make a difference. I'm just glad to have this surgery behind us and the lab results will help us know what we have to face (or not) in the future hope.gif The chest X-ray was indeed clear yay.gif and her bloodwork is still perfect!




Q is out of surgery and recovering. The vet is already in another surgery so I will talk to her when I pick Quilty up this afternoon around 3:30-4. The tumor will be sent out for testing, but hopefully it was just a benign one goodluck.gif They did do a chest xray prior to surgery today, which has had me worried all morning, (first chest film was done about 10 weeks ago when we first brought her in b/c she has a bit of raspy breathing)...I'm guessing it was clear like the first one otherwise the vet would have called me to discuss how to proceed rather than to go straight into surgery.






Well, the Queen is already pissed off for having to miss breakfast. She's barking. A lot. It breaks my heart because she doesn't understand why everyone else got to down to the kennel and eat except her. AND I have to not feed the pups and Hoochie this morning too! (don't want them puking on their way back to Tennesse).


....oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Mama is leaving today too weep.gif


That's it for a morning update...Coffee is reasy and I hafta go spend my last morning with Hoochie and her brood...I'll let you all know when I hear that Quilty is out of surgery and awake Thanks so much for all the prayers and good wishes!!!




I've been a nervous wreck all week and it's only getting worse. I drop Quilty off for surgery tomorrow to have a mammary tumor removed. Obviously we had to wait until she we medically ready to handle surgery before even considering what to do about the tumor...well, it started growing and went from the size of a large lime to, now, the lemon...The up side is that, despite Quilty's age - 13 1/2, our vet is pretty confident the surgery will go smoothly. The tumor is well localized and just under the skin, so she shouldn't have to be under very long. Her bloodwork is really good, her diabetes is well under control.


Our vets are very grey savvy (heck, they care for our crew and that's 16 right there! ) and they've done surgery on our old guys and gals before...


I just have this pit in my stomach. Prayers and good thoughts for our Queen Quilty are greatly appreciated. I don't usually post these kinds of threads for routine stuff, but Quilty has been a part of GT since the day we brought her home....She will definitely be wearing her special collar sent to her by Maddiesmom as well as the necklace Queen Barbie Jade sent her via Phillypups.


You can see the tumor here just in her tuck area...





Both Dot and Ghost are also leaving for their forever homes tomorrow...I'm going to be a blubbering mess all day cry1.gif

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Guest 3greysinPA

many prayers for a smooth surgery and recovery for Quilty... :hope:hope:hope:candle:candle:candle

and hugs for you ... to try to remain calm and know that many many prayers will be said for Quilty tonight and tomorrow.


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Guest Capslock

Go Quilty! We're all pulling for you. Quilty has a vast and deep fan club out here.


My Otis just had four lumps removed and a dental and he's 12. He's doing great now! Hope the same goes for Her Majesty!

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Aww, I'll be thinking good thoughts for Quilty. :kiss2


Hopefully the fact that you know Dot and Ghost are going to forever homes will help you tomorrow. I know you will be sad to see them go but just think of how prepared you have gotten them.

~Beth, with a crazy mixed crew of misfits.
~ Forever and Always missing and loving Steak, Carmen, Ivy, Isis, and Madi.
Don't cry because it's ended, Smile because it happened.
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Ms. Elsie says... she will do fine. And in honor of Ms. Quilty, Elsie will be sporting her breast Cancer survior collar.




Elsie had 5 tumors. The 1st one was the largest, about the size of a jelly bean- it was cancer but the margins were clean just beneath the skin- she was lucky, The next 4 came out 3 weeks later- all benign.


As far as the anethesia- they used something extremely light and I could not believe she even had anethesia as she was just as much a nut case when I picked her up as when I dropped her off. I'm sure your vet will go as light as he can for the procdure..

She will be fine and we will keep your sweet girl in our thoughts and prayers.



ROBIN ~ Mom to: Beau Think It Aint, Chloe JC Allthewayhome, Teddy ICU Drunk Sailor, Elsie N Fracine , Ollie RG's Travertine, Ponch A's Jupiter~ Yoshi, Zoobie & Belle, the kitties.

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Greyhound Angels Adoption (GAA) The Lexus Project

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Quilty is one tough cookie. Look what she has survived already! Just to be on the safe side, we'll be sending prayers and good thoughts along with her tomorrow.

Judy, mom to Darth Vader, Bandita, And Angel

Forever in our hearts, DeeYoGee, Dani, Emmy, Andy, Heart, Saint, Valentino, Arrow, Gee, Bebe, Jilly Bean, Bullitt, Pistol, Junior, Sammie, Joey, Gizmo, Do Bee

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You have my prayers and good thoughts. Quilty is one tough girly.

Casual Bling & Hope for Hounds
Janet & the hounds Maggie and Allen Missing my baby girl Peanut, old soul Jake, quirky Jet, Mama Grandy and my old Diva Miz Foxy; my angel, my inspiration. You all brought so much into my light, and taught me so much about the power of love, you are with me always.
If you get the chance to sit it out or dance.......... I hope you dance! Missing our littlest girl.

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That is a lot to handle in one day!


:hope everything is smooth for Quilty.

Donna and...Lucy and Chubb
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sending many prayers for you beautiful girl!!!! :hope :hope :hope :hope

Kim and Bruce - with Rick (Rick Roufus 6/30/16) and missing my sweet greyhound Angels Rainey (LG's Rainey 10/4/2000 - 3/8/2011), Anubis (RJ's Saint Nick 12/25/2001 - 9/12/12) and Zeke (Hey Who Whiz It 4/6/2009 - 7/20/2020) and Larry (PTL Laroach 2/24/2007 - 8/2/2020) -- and Chester (Lab) (8/31/1990 - 5/3/2005), Captain (Schipperke) (10/12/1992 - 6/13/2005) and Remy (GSP) (?/?/1998 - 1/6/2005) at the bridge
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