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Paw Pad Booboo

Guest katalinb

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Guest katalinb

We just noticed a tiny open sore on our Greyhound's foot pad. It's hurting him - he's limping now and then and lifts his paw sometimes when we walk. He stops to bite it like he's trying to get something out, but we don't see anything there, even with a good magnifying glass.


He loves to dig in soil and probably cut it on something or damaged it when he was goofing around playing and jumping around on the carpet. :huh


We're dabbing it with slightly salted water to dry it up and prevent infection. We're rubbing paw cream into the rest of the pad to keep it supple.


Does anyone know how we can help pad can heel quickly?






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Guest Energy11

Sorry this happened!



You can use any antibacterial ointment you have and apply it to the foot. If you have booties, you can use them with a toddler sock inside the bootie. If you don't have booties, a toddler sock or even two, will work! Just be sure not to tape the sock too tightly.


Good Luck, and, of course, if it swells, shows redness, or pus, or doesn't clear up in a few days, he needs to see his vet. Good Luck!


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