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River - No Visible Lesions Confirmed!

Guest Annie

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I am without words at the moment. :cry1


River has been tripping on the stairs a bit. This morning, my husband said he was lame when he called him for breakfast. I went to check on him and found this on his wrist:




We are filled with dread.


We have an appointment for Xrays at 2PM. If it's osteo, I will be letting my treasured, elegant boy go. I can't believe it. :cry1


Please, if you can spare a prayer...

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Guest Energy11

Might NOT be Osteo. Could be anything at this point. A dog can survive with this disease, if detected early, on pain killers, for a while. We had Max for three months after the diagnosis. As long as the dog has a good quality of life, on palliative care (pain management), they could be with you a while longer.


Good luck, and lots of love and prayers!

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We live in a 3 level townhouse filled with stairs. If it is confirmed to be osteo, I will not take the chance that he could break his leg and die in agony. He is an extremely delicate and sensitive boy.


I will honour River by doing what I feel is best for him. :cry1


I pray it's a sprain or arthritis. :hope:hope:hope:candle:candle:candle

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I hope & pray & hope & pray it's NOT.......................... :grouphug:grouphug:grouphug:candle:candle:candle:hope:hope:hope

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:candle ....for all those hounds that are sick, hurt, lost or waiting for their forever homes. SENIORS ROCK :rivethead

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Praying for River. Please don't let it be osteo.

Mary, mom to kitty Rebel.
Always missing Sherri (SO DELICIOUS) (12/6/2005-8/29/2018) kitties Marley (4/2000-12/3/2015) and Beady (4/1998-2/24/2006) and Dalmatian Daisy (7/25/1984-5/13/1999).

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Guest tammymacb

Hoping for the best for you. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this scary and heartbreaking situation.


Thank you for doing your best for him. It's all he can ask of you.

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Oh, no Annie! It could be a lot of things - I will send white light that it's not the dreaded "c". Be sure to have a specialist look at the x-ray...I know our regular vet was 90% certain that an x-ray showed osteosarcoma, but a specialist determined it to be osteo-arthritis. That was years ago and the dog is still with us. Best wishes to you and River.

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Very very best wishes for beautiful River. :goodluck:clover:hope


Deirdre with Conor (Daring Pocobueno), Keeva (Kiowa Mimi Mona), & kittehs Gemma & robthomas.

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Sending many prayers, and hugs. :hope:bighug


If I were in your position, I think I'd be feeling the same. So many stairs, so much worry, so much potential for disaster. :( You are a very caring owner for thinking selflessly - but do get the x-rays double-checked!


The plural of anecdote is not data

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