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Jamey's Booboo


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Poooor Jamey!! He was at the 24 hour animal hospital not once, but twice yesterday! First, in the morning he went there for his last round of chemo. They all keep commenting on how well he is doing. Then he was there again 4 hours after Michael had picked him up....for a BITE wound! Tosca bit Jamey on his face and scratched him on his ribs. It is not big, about the size of a small thumb nail, and for one of the other Greys we might have watched it overnight instead of heading off to the ER. The fur layer separated from the flesh underneath. There was no bleeding. It's because he is immunocompromized that we are worried about infection.


I was feeding the dogs and Tosca had finished. She usually goes into the living room where one of us watches her while the other dogs eat. (Tosca is food aggressive). I was putting a special tidbit on Jamey's food to get him to eat after his chemo, when out of nowhere, here is Tosca growling and snapping at Jamey's face. He got the small wound in his left cheek, and while we were at the ER we saw that he had the scratches on his side. They were cleaned up, stitched up (3 stitches on his face and one on his side) and Jamey is now on antibiotics for the next week. He was so sedated that he slept in the car for 2 hours after we came home. Michael stayed there with him. People in the neighborhood wondered why Michael and I were eating a burger in our driveway, sitting on the bumper of Michael's car :lol:

Hopefully Jamey will be OK! Ms. Tosca will be banned to the hall, with the gate closed until everyone is done eating from now on!!


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Remembering Bridge Angel Greyhounds: Tosca, Jamey, Master, Diego, and Ambi; plus Angel Galgos Jules, Marco and Baltasar.

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Guest eaglflyt

Oh, bless Jamey's heart! I hope he recovers rapidly and that the antibiotics provide all the protection he needs to keep away all infection possibilities.


I know we're all thankful for our vets and e-vets! However, I wouldn't mind seeing them a little less frequently myself. ; )

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Oh poor Jamey - that classifies as a bad day. :kiss2 I was just thinking about him the other day. Glad to hear he is doing well. :)


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"He feeds you, pets you, adores you, collects your poop in a bag. There's only one explanation: you are a hairy little god." Nick Galifinakis

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