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Four Paws Tartar Control Treatment

Guest Hotdogs

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I was at Petsmart yesterday and saw this 'tartar control' treatment product and am wondering if anyone has used it. It is intended to be used monthly and comes in applicator tubes (Like Frontline). I am curious about this stuff, but am a little cautious being that I didn't see any dosing information and it has to be pretty potent if it is only intended for use 1x/month. I briefly looked for reviews on line and didn't see any. I've used a 'four paws' tartar removal solution that you add to your dog's water and it actually worked pretty well, but I stopped using it because it can sometimes cause stomach distress and it is not flavorless, so sometimes my dogs won't drink as much as they normally would if it's in their water.

Just wondering if any of you have ever used it and if so, does it work? Does it work with out causing stomach or other problems?


What do you think?


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Guest Energy11

I have used their water additive, but not the topical. Mine don't care about the "taste" their water.


I would be interested to see if anyone else knows about this product.

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