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Jaynie's Dental Is Today

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Jaynie's teeth by many standards are not in bad shape, but she does have some very noticeable gum recession here and there, and one either very worn or broken canine.


The clinic will do x-rays to see how the bone looks, but they think she may need up to 4 teeth taken out, mostly big molars.


They've been asked to call before doing any extractions. If they believe they are required I will ask for a referral to the nearby (and totally wonderful) dental specialist. She has helped me to keep teeth in Arlie's mouth, and I am hoping she'll be able to do the same with Jaynie.


My little girl is also going to be microchipped which will make me feel much better.

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Vet just called. He described Jaynie as "delightful" :wub:


No extractions required YAY! What he is going to do this get one more view of the canine (thinks it's OK but doesn't want any surprises). Hopefully it looks OK.


Also, where there is the recession over the molars, he is going to do a surgery to basically correct and hopefully arrest the recession. At the same time an antibiotic time-release "pod" (my word, not his) will be placed inside to deal, over about 1 month, with any bacteria that is up under the gumline.


I am SO happy she isn't going to have to lose any teeth, at least not yet. And we take good care of doggie teeth at home, so with luck she won't need another dental or related treatment for quite some time.


He said they should be done in another hour or so, and will call again then.


Good girl Jaynie!



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New update: the damage to the canine is such that the vet thinks she should have a root canal. This needs to be done by a specialist rather than the regular clinic. And we agreed it therefore made sense to let the specialist do the gum procedure as well. So we have an appointment for Sep 28th first thing in the morning to see the specialist, and it's likely the procedures will be done the same day.


Both Rickie and Arlie have been to this specialist and I love her - she's very, very good - Jaynie will be in good hands.

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