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She Got It Good


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Keeva, my grey/whippet mix came in from outside with a swollen muzzle and lumps all over her head. I'm sure she got stung by a bee or bees, she is forever chasing them. I gave her 50 mg. of benadryl at 10:30am, she was breathing fine, no pale gums, eating and wagging tail, was not in distress, just swollen. It's now almost 4pm, she is still swollen, has gone down some and she is acting fine.


She got stung a month ago, same reaction but the benadryl seemed to work faster. Question, how long between doses of benadryl for a dog? Keeva is about 50 pounds. Thanks

Linda, Valor, Keeva and Bella

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Guest Energy11

You can give her (2) 25 mg. every four to six hours. Might have to do this until tomorrow. I did when Oakly was bitten by fire ants a few years ago.


As long as her breathing is okay, and all, you should be okay, but do not hesitate to go to the vets if she swelling doesn't go down, or there are breathing problems.


Might want to put some cool compresses on her face as well. Good Luck! Poor baby!

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Hitchie got into a swarm of ground bees last month....what everyone above has said is exactly right! It took a couple of doses and cold compresses to get the swelling down but by the next afternoon, he was looking almost normal!


Blair, Stella (DND Heather), Lizzie (M's Deadra), Hitch (Hallo Dominant) and House (Mac's Dr. House)

Missing my handsome men Lewis (Vs Lowrider) - 11/11/01 - 3/11/09, Kevin (Dakota's Hi Five) - 1/1/06 - 4/18/11 and my cat, Sparkle Baby - ??/??/96 - 4/23/11

"The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is, in fact, the most precious and valuable possession of mankind." (Theodorus Gaza)

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This happened to Brogan today as well. I had taken the pups for a run in a local grassed in hockey rink to tire them out so I could go golfing this afternoon, and so when I got home and removed her muzzled I freaked out. Poor thing's face was swollen up so bad she was starting to look like a Bull Terrier! Her eyes were bugged out and almost swollen shut. I fed her a Benedryl and took her in to our vet, who luckily hadn't closed for the day and could see her. She also received a steroid shot at the vet and I have instructions to re-administer the Benedryl as needed, and just let her rest.


Her face is coming back to normal now, she's just a little puffy at the end of her muzzle.


Another vote of thanks for Benedryl!



Kathy with Riley (Hoosier Baby) and Brogan (Cold B Brogan)

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Guest ThunderPaws

Wow, today is fat lip day! My afghan hound looks like a shar-pei, her whole face is swollen. I have no idea what she has gotten into, I had her on the grooming table outside on the deck, then she hung out on the deck for a bit and went back in the house, and suddenly her whole face was swollen with eyes shut!

I just gave her 50 mg of Benedryl and watch her. If it doesn't get better in an hourI am off to the e-vet. I've never had this happen to my dogs or fosters, it's really scary!

I called my friend and she immediately pointed me to this threat! Thanks GT peeps! :colgate

Hope all other pups are ok!

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Guest Energy11

Gez Louise! What is this ... "National Allergic Reaction Day?" :-(((


Glad all your houndies are okay! Yes, if you keep nothing else in the house, Benedryl is a must, ... that and Hydrogen Peroxide to make them vomit, if needed.


Hope Sunday is a better day for all of you!

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