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Bad News Abou Bertie

Guest cassie234

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Guest cassie234

hi, i got bertie two months ago, all i know is that he has had his toe amputated on the front left foot and he broke his hock (back ankle) and they had it operated on so he could continue racing :( well recently he has been "screaming" a little bit, and yesterday mourning he fell over on his side and started screaming, so i rushed him to a greyhound specialist (30 miles away) as we didnt have a clue what was wrong with him, and it turns out he has arthritis in his back leg that was broken :-( and the reason it looks lumpy is because of scarring.


his only six :(:(:(


at the moment he is on bakers puppy (i know its bad for him, and this is why....) i have bought a retired greyhound complete biscuit that the vet recomended, i have to cut down his walks so they are just two 10 minute walks each and once he is on the retired greyhound food we can then get him medication.....i feel so sad, because his only 6!!!!! and it seems such a young age to have it....makes me sad :(

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Guest Energy11

Poor Bertie! With a prior injury, it isn't uncommon for a dog, or person, for that matter, to get arthritis in that area, even at a young age.


Has the vet talked to you about using one of the NSAIDs daily for the pain, like Metacam, Deramaxx, or Rimadyl? Also, adding Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM supplement to his diet would also help. There are many good ones out there.


There are also a lot of high quality treats out there, containing the Glucosamine, etc., as well.


Good Luck with this! Hugs from here to you and Bertie!

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Guest cassie234

the vet hasnt mentioned what treatment he is going to put him on yet, as he had a bit of an upset stomach, and he said wait till monday then he will discuss it with me.


im not sure about an acupuncture vet person but there is a lady that does a sort of "massage physio" thing, apparently she gets the dogs to relax and massages them.....not sure, but i wil try to find out.


he is already having lots of oily fish and sunflower oil (vet okayed it) and my other dog is on glucosamine.


i did try the pedigree clucosamine mix treat but it stank and bertie would not try to eat it!


thanks :-)

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