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Another Cbc

Guest koolaidnconner

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Guest koolaidnconner

We went for another CBC this morning, the results were fine but Conner lost 2 more lbs and had diaherra all over the place last night and at the vets. I was up 4x last night cleaning him, the house, and letting him out. He has been so up and down. The vet wants him to go on another drug and try purina HA food to see if he is having a reaction to the ZD which some dogs can.


We are going to try the food first and see how that goes and if not we will switch drugs. The new drug is about 300.00/month ouch :eek .

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Oh crap. You know that you and your boy are in my thoughts and prayers. As of a out a week ago beau too has not been eating well. After all this time we changed to hp but it's still a struggle getti g him to eat. The pred is down to 5 mg & imuran to 25mg every other day but intake is way down. This six.



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