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Question About Soloxine

Guest dmona

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Does anyone know if the soloxine from the vet and places like PetCareRX is the same strength? It is cheaper to order on line but don't want to take a chance if it's not the same.


Thanks in advance.


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My Brandi is on soloxine 20 mg. every other day. I have never purchased it from PetCare RX. I was buying it from 1800PetMeds and it was the same strength but expensive. I now get it from OmahaVaccine (www.omahavaccine.com). A lot of GT people recommended Omaha Vaccine. It is the same strength from Omaha Vaccine.



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My understanding is Soloxine is a brand name, not a generic. So it should be the same dosage, which ever one you require, where ever you purchase it. If you do a Google shopping search of Soloxine + the strength you need, you will find some competitive prices.

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