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Can I Stop Feeding Him Puppy Food Now?

Guest cassie234

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Guest cassie234

hi all, ive had bertie for just over a month now he is 6 years old, when we got him he weighed 34kilo's and the vet said that for his height he needed to put on 6 kilos, and told me to put him on puppy kibble mixed with puppy meat....we have done this and he has put on all of his weight and now weighs 40.1 kilos :-D

the vet told me to put him on puppy food to bring his weight up, and now its up do i need to put him on adult food? and also i have had mixed reviews on whether to feed him dry kibble on its own or to use that and meat.....i need help :-) as i dont want an overweight grey!!!! but i want a healthy one.....

The vet told me to feed him pureena butchers puppy kibble with pureena butchers puppy meat....

they do adult complete mixes.....should i put him on that (obviously i will slowly introduce it!!!!)

any info and help will be greatfull!!! thanks :-)



p.s here are a couple of pictures of my handsome boy :-D







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Personally I'd switch him to adult food. Mine get nothing but kibble but some people prefer to feed a mixture of kibble and meat. I think it's a personal preference. I, like you would be concerned about him gaining too much weight on the puppy food.

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Guest cassie234

i will start the adult food, i will obviously add it in his diet slowly.....i want to feed him on a complete mix....is that ok? you can gets lots of variety, such as gravy chunks....where you can add water to get them softer.....the reason i used meat was to "soften the food" so once he is on adult i will feed him the gravy ones i think......or ones that you can water to :-) thanks :-)

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You can check in the "food" section here for lots of advice about food and brands, but it comes down to what you can afford and your personal preference.


I get burned ;) all the time for feeding mine Pedigree (adult kibble, small bites) but we have no gas issues, goods poops, good appetites, no allergies, and it's not expensive to feed four!


Lots of people feed kibble only, some do a combo of kibble and canned, some do home cooked, some do raw. And the array of kibble brands, protein sources, carb sources, is truly astounding.


I would definitely begin changing him over to an adult food now. The puppy food has done it's job and now he needs to cut back before he gains too much!


greysmom :D

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when i brought felix to the vet for his 12 week check=up and shots and discussed food, i was amazed to hear my vet tell me NOT to use puppy food! he said that the new research has shown that there is no need for it. so felix has always been on adult kibble. sounds and looks like you can transition your bertie over to a good quality adult food. check the caloric content and amount of protein and fat. it seems like the greys need at least 24-6% protein and min. 14% fat for good skin and coats. salmon oil is a good for the coat.

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