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Civ (canine Influenza Virus Vaccine)

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I know this issue has started to come up, and thought it timely to post some comments re: CIV vaccine from Drs. Couto and Ford on the topic of whether or not they plan to utilize it, and if so, how. The following is posted with permission to circulate (from both authors):



We are not using CIV in the Blood Donors at OSU; I will see what Community Practice does and will let the group know, but I am fairly certain they are not [using] it either. I am enclosing a comment from Rich Ford, just posted in the ACVIM LISTSERV FYI. We agree with his statements…

I have recently met with Dr. Teri Wasmoen during a vaccine meeting in

Madison WI. She's a lead scientist on this vaccine for Intervet

Schering-Plough and one of the co-authors on a recently published paper on

this disease/vaccine.


There are no studies outside of the company that have assessed efficacy.

It is a killed (adjuvanted) vaccine. Therefore, immunity is

NON-sterile...ie, the vaccine does not prevent infection nor will it

completely prevent shedding.


The challenge studies reviewed during the meeting indicate that the

vaccine does mitigate severity of signs and shortens the duration of

shedding in vaccinates (which is naturally short...7-8 days). Clinical

illness still developed in a small number of vaccinated dogs post



CIV infections have been reported in at least 30 States + District of

Columbia...probably more. But infections are largely limited to

shelter-housed dogs.


This is clearly not a CORE vaccine. Use is probably best limited to

cluster housing situations where the risk of infectious respiratory

disease is greatest.


Rich Ford



I'm sure considerably more dialogue will be occurring in the upcoming months so stay tuned.

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