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Timber Update

Guest lynne893

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Guest lynne893

Many of you kindly followed Timber's thread about colitis/bowel issues and weight loss the other day (http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php?showtopic=236753). She has been really uncomfortable lately-- tons of "sphinxing", shifting, stretching, etc. She's just not been comfortable and her poop's been soft to liquidy every day.


Back to the vet today, expecting to do the full blood panel that the specialist wanted to do back on 7/29. We did the full blood panel plus a urinalysis, guided by ultrasound. When they did the urinalysis, the vet came back to tell us that with the ultrasound, they found several abnormalities in her abdomen and the vet highly recommended doing more of an ultrasound to see more. We agreed.


Her lymph nodes, by the vet's gesturing, are the size of grapefruits in diameter, and the vet seemed to imply that they should be the size of nickels or quarters. She also said they found a mass in her stomach, but can't really tell yet what it is. They aspirated cells from her abdomen and in her neck and sent them off to the lab. We should have all the results back Tuesday. Visit today = $1,000.


Based on the size of the lymph nodes, the vet really seems to think the problem is not intestinal, afterall, and she said the C word several times. Possibly lymphoma. But we're waiting for results before we feel TOO freaked out, because the vet did say it could be an infection causing this. She also said that it could be a fungal issue, based on Timber having raced in Tijuana, Mexico, which may not have manifested until now.


I'm very edgy and nervous, trying not to let Timber sense it, and giving her a lot of soothing love.


For now, she can keep on whatever food we want to feed her (within reason! I don't want to give her anything that would obviously distress her bowels further) and we were given Metronidazole to calm the diarrhea and help with an infection, if there is one.


Thank you for listening. Please send healing love for our dear Timber.

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Good thoughts from here for your Timber.



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Guest K9Cookies

We'll be thinking about you and Timber. :grouphug Our angel girl, Bonnie, had lymphoma and a friend's grey had GI lymphoma. I don't want you to get that news, but if you do, we'll all be here for you. Hoping that it's something more simple related to the GI issues though. :hope

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