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My Genious Vet Tech

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I'm fostering a dog for an out of state friend as he needs to be near the hospital long term. He's had one complication after another but soldiers on. His latest battle is with his own obsessive wound licking! After his first chemo his leg swelled and irritated him so that he started licking. He wore a muzzle full time to keep him away from his back leg amp site anyway but he used to muzzle to rub his front leg! Wrapping didn't last and was bad for the swelling. We started using the evil cone and that worked for about a day. He discovered he could brace the cone against his leg and push it back his long neck and get at his leg. I stopped by my local vet's affice asking for any ideas and after looking at him and trying a few things one of the techs came up with a great idea! She took two of those solid plastic braces used for broken legs and cut off the shoulder section, used a medical tape to create a hinge and stick on velcro to fasten the whole thing. Mind you, she had to run home to do the cutting! Padded both ends and viola! A solid shield he cannot get off! Rebecca is a crafty genious engineer! He still has to wear the muzzle to keep fron chewing off the velcro but cannot get any friction on the wound. All the techs at this office are so great we LOVE going there!

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:thumbs-up I always say if you want to know what's going on, ask ther Vet Tech, they got it on the ball, I love my techs too, they have helped me out so many times, and saved me office visits, every year I take them a big basket at Christmas.
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Can you take a picture of it for us?


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Do you mean the video link?


The video works fine. When you have time could you please take a photo of the brace?







Thank You soooooooooooo Much. I thought I saw the flashy box logo but can't seem to fine it now. When you have time.


I don't mean logo, it should be the flash box emotion icon.


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Guest Cris_M

Great idea! Nice to have a tool like that available.


BTW, that is one serious case of stink eye there. I think it is the first time I have seen stink ear.

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That's brilliant!

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I hate to burst his bubble about his REAL Mommy, but oh yes she would do that. Poor sad a boy.


Notie is constantly in my thoughts.

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