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My three year old male tested positive for three strains of lepto in the fall of 2008. These three strains are not covered by the traditional lepto vaccine. I believe there are seven strains of lepto. Maybe the Lepto 4 covers more strains? Just a thought. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will have some input. We had to put Sam on antibiotics for three months.

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Guest FullMetalFrank

Lepto was offered as an "optional" vaccine here; I did have it added because we live in an area where wildlife frequently wanders thru. I will have to look at our paperwork to see what it says.

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Just got reminders for my guys for vaccinations. Newly listed is "Lepto 4" never had this before, have always gotten DHLPP. Anybody have any info? Thanks

Linda, Valor, Keeva and Bella


I don't use DHLPP combo vaccines - dogs tend to react to the lepto vaccine in that particular vaccs. Instead I give my dogs the Lepto Vanguard 4 vaccine from Pfizer - it's two injections given 3-4 weeks apart.


Pfizer Vanguard L4


I haven't figured out if I'll do an annual booster on this or not. I welcome comments/experiences...

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