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Outlaw Is Hurting... Day #38 Update 9/3 Am

Guest TheUnrulyHound

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Guest TheUnrulyHound

I went out with all the hounds on July 28th and while I was handwalking Smiley and Stepper, Outlaw cam limping around the house howling..... he had a small amount of blood on the skin between his toes. I could not see the cut clearly because he would not let me touch it. I carried him inside (he did NOT like that but he let me) and tried to see if there was anything stuck in his foot that would still be causing him pain. I let him rest for a few hours and when it was obvious that there was still something wrong I decided to take him to the vet. He was still crying out when he moved his leg and wouldn't touch it to the ground. I got him to the vet where they examined him and decided maybe he twisted a toenail or stubbed his toe outside. They gave him five days worth of tramadol, 50mgs two times daily.


the five days went by without a change, the tramadol seemed to take some of the pain away but he was still in a lot of pain for it to have been a hurt toe. I had sat down everyday with him trying to decide the origin of the pain. I pulled and pushed, stretched, prodded, poked and massaged his leg, shoulder and neck. Nothing provoked a reaction from him. His toes were no longer a problem. I pressed on all the pads and pulled and pushed on every toe. It just wasn't bothering him anymore. He was not eating or drinking, I could get a few spoonfuls of food into him but he was never very interested, even with tempting add-ins..


I took him back to the vet on the 3rd. The vet agreed that the foot was not the problem and took x-rays of his neck and leg. His leg looks fine and the only thing he could find that may be causing him a problem is a calcium buildup on the underside of his vertebrae in his neck. He thought that this may be the problem and decided to try a different medication for Outlaw. He gave me more tramadol 50mg twice a day and zubrin 400mg once a day. I took him home and started the new meds. There was a small change in that he would get up and he limped a lot less but he still cried out when he would lay down. Basically, to lay down he sits on his bed and holds his right leg up (the one that hurts) and starts to slooooowly lower himself down and as he goes down he screams the whole time :weep: This happens EVERY time :( Sometimes changing position while he is already laying down will cause him to scream.


Two days later (Aug 5th) I called my vet about the fact that Outlaw was still not eating as much as he used to AND he was not drinking anything. I tried pedialyte, gatorade and adding chicken broth to his water. I tried squirting it into his mouth with a spray bottle but he resisted so much he was hurting more. The best I could do was soak his food in water and make a mash that he would eat, if he ate at all. So he was getting some water that way. The vet agreed that I needed to bring him in and did a CBC and gave him 300ccs of fluids. The blood-work came back showing that his other organs are working fine and the vet decided to take him off the zubrin and try something that may give more relief. So now he is on 60mg of Prednisone 2 times a day along with the tramadol 50mg twice daily that he has been on since the beginning. My thoughts on what happened is that he stepped on something to make his foot bleed and perhaps lost his balance and fell, hurting his neck and shoulder. Yesterday during my massage-movement routine with his leg and shoulder I placed my fingers next to his spine just beside his shoulder blade and pressed gently like I was trying to move his spine over, THAT finally got a reaction so I will report that to the vet tomorrow and see what he thinks. I have finally found the spot that hurts though!


Now throughout all this, he has shown little improvement. Since starting the Zubrin and now the pred, he will come out of our bedroom which is now where he spends most his time. He will come over for loving and is more apt to go outside and walk a little ways to find a spot to pee. for the first 6 days he would pee as soon as he hit the grass and come back in. The vet suggests taking him to get an MRI and surgery which will cost over $3000, I just can't afford that :( We are looking to try to manage his pain and hope that time will heal whatever has been messed up with love and pampering. It is looking a little better every once and a while when he comes over for head rubs and treats. He is limping less but still screams so horribly when he lays down it is just breaking my heart. It is so so hard to hear him and it just tears me up. I want my baby to feel better, I want him to do his funny little trot-walk up to me from the yard after a bout of sunbathing that he loved so much. I want him to come over and wipe his face on my shorts after a big meal :beatheart


I don't really know the reason of my post except to gather prayers, white light, good healing thoughts or whatever fits in with your beliefs. My baby is hurting and every day is a struggle to get him to eat and drink (which he HAS done on his own twice today!) Any thoughts on ways to help him be more comfortable are appreciated, though I would like to not be criticized for not being able to afford an MRI and surgery please. I am beating myself up over that enough already. Outlaw is 11 and we don't even know if what has gone wrong can be fixed but we are giving him every chance we can to get better and he is showing that he wants to be here with us. We are not giving up on him, though there were a few days I went to sleep crying thinking that there was no way I could let him go on like this. My heart breaking with the possibility that I could have to make that horrible decision and always wonder if I was wrong......


Thanks so much to those of you who have PMd me wondering where I was the past week or so, I have been mostly absorbed in making Outlaw comfy and trying every other hour to get him to eat and drink. I was so hoping that I could post this thread as a "this is what happened and he is all better" unfortunately I cant :( Thanks also to Jackies daughter who gave me some pills for him, I need to ask the vet before I will give them yet... we may be changing his meds again tomorrow to a nerve pain specific medication, the recommendation from a fellow GTer, thankyou so much for your time, you know who you are ;)


So think of Outlaw if you would and I will continue to update as I can....

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Oh gosh Holly, I am so sorry!!! We went through a similar thing with Canyon for months. The screaming is unbearable, I know! :weep

We found that laser treatments really helped Canyon after his surgery, and would probably help in Outlaw's case, too.

Prayers for your sweet boy! :hope:hope:hope

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Be sure to ask about physical therapy and accupuncture too if you can lean that way. They can do so much more for our pets now with both that they are avenues worth looking into. I've heard some great success stories about water therapy (where they swin or walk in water on a treadmill) and recovering from nerve damage.


Good luck to you and Outlaw tomorrow. We'll be thinking about you and waiting for an update.


greysmom :D

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Guest TheUnrulyHound

Thanks so much, to all of you... Annie, I spent most of today reading anything I could on this kindof problem and Canyons many threads as he progressed was a big chunk of that. I am swimming in conflicting info and possible treatments without surgery... but THANKYOU for reminding me of the laser treatments, that is one that I left off the list of things I will ask the vet tomorrow. It is funny to think that a laser pointer bought at a office store can help in a small way too, I may do that one without hubby knowing.... he may think I am crazy(er) :D


Any suggestions are welcome, I will start making him a sling tomorrow to help take weight off his front legs while he walks outside to do his business. Sometimes he will walk fairly well out the door but by the time he needs to come in he is sore and has to rest every few steps. today I had to lift and support the weight of his front end off the ground and let him walk in using his back legs. He seemed to really appreciate that.


Acupuncture is another possibility I am considering......



Here is my beautiful boy



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Guest Flysmom

Sending you lots of positive thoughts!! I hope the vet can help Outlaw tomorrow!!


PLEASE, don't beat yourself up about the MRI and the surgery. I, like you, would do anything for my Hounds, but I could not afford it either. You are doing the best you can!!!!!! :grouphug

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I am so sorry Outlaw is having this problem - it is awful to watch our pups in so much discomfort and pain. Don't feel guilty about the MRI. We have friends with a greyhound who opted to take a more conservative approach in treatment because of the expense. He had difficulty with his neck & shoulder and was treated with Prednisone & tramadol and has seen huge improvement over a few weeks.


Please keep us posted. Your photos of Outlaw are beautiful - he seems like such a loving and happy guy.


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Couple things to consider:


- Make absolutely sure there's nothing going on with the foot. Sometimes hard to get a reaction when manipulating -- dog will be stoic at that time, then still limp. I'm surprised vet didn't x-ray it.


- Consider stopping the Tramadol for a couple days. Sometimes pups have not-so-useful reactions to that drug. Can cause inappetance, for example, and may not be effective for pain caused by inflammation.


- Make sure you are giving some tummy meds, such as Pepcid, while he's on prednisone. Here we usually give pepcid, wait 30 minutes, feed meal, then give our prednisone or other anti-inflammatory.


- If he has hurt his neck/back, rest and anti-inflammatory is what he needs. So far as possible, no stairs, no running, no playing, no jumping up and down off things; supportive bedding; food and water at a height that seems comfortable for him (you may have to hold the bowl a few times to determine this).


Sending hugs and prayers for your handsome fellow.

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Guest sinaminsmom

Holly, I am so sorry to hear about Outlaw. It's the worst feeling when your child or animal hurts and you can't fix it. I was wondering about acupucture, too. As Sinamin's arthritis progresses I have been looking into it. Not sure how, or why, but it seems worth a try. Please don't beat yourself up ove rthe MRI - you have a huge heart for all of your animal friends.


Will keep all of you in our thoughts - we often think of you here anyway, as most days Sinamin is wearing one of your collars. I even took her stocking to a meetandgreet last week and passed out your website. Lynda and Sinamin



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Just from my own experience........ if he's pulled a muscle somehow by romping around, he needs more than the tramadol. He should get an anti-inflamatory med like deramaxx or metacam, and possibly continue the tramadol as well. My bridge guy would constantly pull a muscle while trying to play and romp. If I ran my hand down his chest, and start to go under his armpit, he would jump. I did take him to the vet who confirmed the inflammation. He had pulled a muscle. After a couple of days of meds, and he was as good as new. I hope he feels better.

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Many prayers for handsome Outlaw, and for you Holly, I know how difficult it is watching them hurt abd not being able to fix it. At least not fix it quickly enough for us.


Please keep us posted and maybe ask the vet for something for his stomach, he's on a high dose of Pred and that can lead to stomach ulcers.


Missing my little Misty who took a huge piece of my heart with her on 5/2/09, and Ekko, on 6/28/12



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Maddie here, Stepper's girlfriend. Please gets better soon. :getwell

Mommy and I are thinking of you and yourz family


Wub Maddie and Amy (I mean Mommy.)

heres a hug for you and your Mommy :grouphug

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it may be a wise idea to add deramaxx or metacam to his meds as well. tramadol and pred both can suppress an appetite. best of luck to your outlaw. nuerontin may be the answer.

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Guest KyGrey

I am so sorry that he is still having problems. I hope the vet can find out what is wrong so Outlaw can get back to romping the yard again. Don't give up yet. I know how hard that is to do or not do at this point. Tramadol can cause a loss of appetite. It is after all a pain killer and just like with us can cause some of the same reactions. I have a hard time with pain killers and keeping an appetite up so just be aware of that fact. I have something I can send you but I need to talk to you first. I will try to call you or PM you and see if you can make use of it. If so, it's yours.


Sending much white light and many prayers to sweet Outlaw.

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Guest Energy11

Love, hugs and prayers for Outlaw, from here.


Yes, something for his stomach would be a good idea. That IS a high dose of Pred, and having a "tummy ache," could be ruining has little appetite.


Keep us posted! D

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What Batmom said.


Plus, maybe consider chiropractic.


As for the sling, while I realize you have the skills to make one, I have to say that I love love love my Ruffwear Web Master: Link.

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