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Steps Before Vet Visit?

Guest jennchendrix

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Guest jennchendrix

Hi! Newbie here with a question.


Our 7-year-old, Remy Jack, (been with us three months) is limping pretty badly, favoring his left hind leg. This started yesterday. Yesterday it *seemed* worse when he got up from resting, and as he walked there was less of a limp. I don't know if he was working out a kink or just getting used to walking with pain. Today it seems more pronounced.


We did see some moderate limping on the OTHER leg a few weeks ago but it went away after a day or so.


I am wondering what, if anything, I should do or look for before we take him to the vet. I know from reading these posts that it could be anything from a muscle strain, to arthritis, to corns, etc. I am just not sure what to do/look for. We already give him a supplement for his joints.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest meakah

I would check him over closely on the sore leg. Slowly run your hand down this leg/foot to feel for any heat....compare it to the other back leg. Look for any signs of swelling. Check the pads really closely and in between the pads. Press lightly all around to see if he reacts to any certain area. If you find any of the above.....you can use anything from Epsom salts (draws out infection if the foot is affected)....to icing/cold compresses to any areas with heat/swelling. If you aren't finding any of the above and it continues for a couple of days with no signs of improvement...or gets worse.....then I would take him to the vet.

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Look at the foot. Take a flashlight and a magnifying glass (seriously) and go over the whole foot -- in between the toes from the top, in between the pads on the bottom. Run your fingers over every surface, nook, and cranny. Press each pad gently from the bottom. Squeeze each toe gently from side to side. Wiggle each toe and each toenail from side to side. Part the hair at the base of each toenail and take a good look .... You get the idea.


Hope it's just a bruise or a cracked toenail.

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Guest Energy11

All the above ideas are GREYT!


To me, it sounds like arthritis, but, I'd do everyone suggested, and go from there. With artiritis, getting up from lying down is the hardest, even with we humans with arthritis, after walking a while, yes, "the kinks," start to work out. Good Luck!

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And get a video on your cellphone if you can. Do that now, even though you aren't sure you'll need a doctor's appointment.


If you have to take him in but he's not limping as badly, you'll have video to show the vet. And if you don't take him in right away--if this clears up for a while--you can show the video to your vet on your next regular check-up.

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