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Heart And Lungs

Guest Tallysailing

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Guest Tallysailing

My 13 year old grey, Tally is dealing with Lymphangiectasia/Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We are getting that under control. X-Rays show that she has masses in her lungs and an enlarged heart due to a leaky heart valve. An echocardiogram confirmed the heart condition. The two could be related as the lung masses could be water build up. The fear is that the masses could also be cancer. I know that cancer can be common with greys but lung cancer? She is on predizone and cyclosporin for the Lymphangiectasia, and now on benazepril for her heard as well as furosemide a diuretic to clear out water build up. We go back to the vet hospital next week to see if the furosemide has cleared out the lungs to any extent.


Are there others with similar heart valve and lung issues?





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I've had one die of kidney cancer with metastases in the lungs, and one from congestive heart failure with a leaky valve - cardio said that he'd probably go suddenly and if he did, the likelihood would be that the ligament holding that valve would just give way under the strain, and that (apparently) is what happened.


Greyhounds can get cancer of more or less anything, and secondary tumours in the lung are common with various cancers.


A thirteen year old may well suffer from various types of heart disease.


You seem to be very unlucky in that your Tally is dealing with several different conditions at once. They may be related, they may not, but she is old. All you can reasonably hope to do is keep her comfortable by the sound of it.


But if you are in any doubt as to the diagnosis, ask for a specialist opinion - as long as she is fit to travel to the appointment, I would probably do it. But it sounds as though your vet may already have it covered.


I'm sorry. I know how hard it is to accept that our beloved dogs are failing. :cry1


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Lung cancer per se is quite rare in dogs; they do not receive the environmental damage (smoking, asbestos, etc.) that humans do in order to inspire such disease. However, the lungs make very good "filters," and it is common for metastatic cancer ("mets") to be found in the lungs. First suspicion should be there is cancer somewhere else, and (unfortunately) the first suspect in all large breed dogs is osteosarcoma. If there has not been an attempt made to find tumors in the legs or shoulders, that should be first.

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